‘Bad Santa 2’ & ‘Alice In Wonderland 2’ Are Moving Forward

alice_in_wonderland_xlgALICE IN WONDERLAND 2 was always going to happen, Tim Burton’s flick from 2010 grossed over $1bn so a sequel was inevitable. The most interesting thing about the sequel, which focusses more on The Mad Hatter, is that it is being directed by THE MUPPETS & THE MUPPETS… AGAIN! helmer James Bobin. Now that Depp has left the indie crime flick BLACK MASS I would expect he’ll make ALICE 2 and PIRATES 5 back to back. Linda Woolverton (Alice In Wonderland) is back on board to write part 2.

BAD SANTA 2 is also ramping up with news that the writing and directing gigs have now gone to ENTOURAGE creator Doug Ellin. Steve Pink was originally attached to the long gestating project and now the honours have shifted gear. Given that Ellin is currently working on the ENTOURAGE film but BAD SANTA 2 is slated to start filming in Spring.