The Hunt For A Director Of Bond 24 Continues & Guess Who Is Back In The Pool…

skyfall_ver2The James Bond Franchise, the longest running film series in Movie History, has hit such a stride in recent years it now has the right to demand the very top tier in film making prestige. After SKYFALL went out and became the highest grossing Bond film of all time, cracked $1bn at the global box office and also became the highest grossing british film of all time the furvour for who would take the reigns for the 24th outing began. Sam Mendes (Skyfall) publicly came out and said he would not direct the 24th film even though he and John Logan had a concept for the 24th instalment which they would write. Mendes was locked into directing a stage show (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory The Musical) which would see him unable to make the production release date of 2014/2015.

Since then EON PRODUCTIONS, the crew behind the franchise, have been on the hunt for the next director. Names such as Ang Lee and Nicholas Winding-Refn were being tossed around for the coveted gig but new in today via Deadline has Sam Mendes back in the ring to helm the picture.

‘ While Mendes’ first love is theater, it became clear that the producers wanted him and he wanted to return, and the only thing standing in the way were these stage commitments that Mendes felt obligated to do. So, they’ve decided to wait for him to work through those other commitments, and he’s now making a deal to start production probably next year. What’s the hurry? Craig doesn’t seem to have aged since he took the Bond role; he’s always in rocking shape.’  – Deadline