Steven Spielberg On Board To Produce “Halo” TV Series

Halo-4-Box-ArtBringing HALO from game to live action has been a project that’s gone through the hands of multiple directors, producers and writers. Most recently Peter Jackson was once attached to produce a big budget live action film which he left to go make THE HOBBIT (Neil Blomkamp – District 9 – was on board to direct that incarnation). But spiralling budgetary concerns and a script that didn’t make the grade with Microsoft saw that attempt fizzle.

Enter Steven Spielberg, circa 2011, where the rumour mill said he was linked to producing a film version with DreamWorks and Microsoft. That didn’t eventuate but word out today has Spielberg, Microsoft and developer 343 Industries joining forces to deliver HALO – The TV Show.

In a prerecorded statement Spielberg said: “The Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at that intersection where technology and myth-making meet to produce something truly groundbreaking.”

HALO is acomin’ kiddies..