The Great Gatsby 3D Kicking Goals Both At The Box Office & On The Billboard!

The Great GatsbyThe release of THE GREAT GATSBY 3D in the States on Friday would’ve had the brass at Warner Bros and Village Roadshow Pictures nervously excited. After a delayed release announcement that pulled it out of Christmas last year to May this year due to ‘the music not being ready’ (I read it as the film is not Oscar calibre and the WB already had THE HOBBIT there so why fight with yourself for screens?) Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic novel finally unspooled on 3,535 screens across North America.

And it hit the ground running with an opening day of $19.4m (massive for a femme skew drama) it means the film is poised to take north of $53m for the opening weekend. That’s a fantastic result for the 141 minute opulent melodrama and I think it’s also a real testament to the bankability of its lead Leonardo DiCaprio (nearly all the reviews single him out as the strongest element in it next to the bombardment of excess that’s a staple of Luhrmann’s films). The fact that the film is going to do north of $50m this weekend and take out the #2 spot (IRON MAN 3 will reign this weekend) is a huge sigh of relief for everyone involved ahead of the films staggered international roll out.

Not only has it fired at the Box Office but the soundtrack, which released last Tuesday, is firing up the Billboard charts with a forecasted 100,000+ units for the weekend (via SoundScan) to have it hit #2 on the charts. The soundtrack executive produced by Luhrmann, Jay-Z and Anton Monsted sees classic 1920’s Jazz age tracks get fused in within modern day hip hop and pop songs – a musical contrast that Luhrmann is known for in previous flicks MOULIN ROUGE and ROMEO & JULIET.

All things are looking pretty damn good for THE GREAT GATSBY 3D indeed.