Aza’s 2 Line Review – Evil Dead (2013) – Well It’s Nowhere Near As Terrifying As ‘Eat Pray Love’ Or ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ Or Anything Julia Roberts Has Done Since ‘Erin Brokovich’. But It’s A Bloody Fun Gore Galore Show Bag!

EviL DeadI have to admit that next to MONA LISA SMILE, EAT PRAY LOVE is the most horrifying cinema experience I’ve ever endured. I was screaming in terror from the moment it started to the cold quivering mess I became by the end. The sheer horror of that film I simply can’t go into for fear of regressing into that state of perpetual terror. When I’d heard that the EVIL DEAD reboot from Fede Alvarez (with Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert producing) was one hell of a scarefest I was excited as punch to have a new film take the title from EPL. I mean look at the poster – what a claim!?! So is it?

Unless I am the most desensitised human the planet I didn’t find this scary at all BUT that doesn’t detract on how much fun I had watching it. This EVIL DEAD lifts the premise elements of the original and morphs it quite a bit. The similarities compare only with the cabin, the book and big bads intentions.

When five friends head to an isolated cabin for an intervention (one of them is a drug addict) they discover a book, bound in barbed wire, that can summon a demon. Of course one of these naff twats utters the chant to release the beastie and guess what fright fans.. GAME ON.

Starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore as your Cabin Crew 5, EVIL DEAD keeps them scared, tense and as it goes along drenched in copious amounts of blood and gore. All the young cast give invested performances and it’s all played deadly serious – which gives the flick so much unintentional humour (or maybe intentional) – so when the carnage-o-meter hits the red it’s ridiculously good fun.

And violence there is. A lot of it. Nail Guns, Shards Of Glass, Shotguns, Chainsaws, Crowbars, Electric Knives and let’s not forget Syringes. The violence is so hyper realised and saturated in so much blood that some of you might look away. But if you are anything like me (I was chanting ‘More Gore More Gore!’) you’ll keep watching because it’s so ridiculously over the top.

The film is well shot, edited and the special make up effects are very impressive. Alvarez has a real love for the genre and it’s nice to see a horror flick that isn’t trying to be a smart arse, self referential or pop cultural. EVIL DEAD just wants to give you one hell of a blood splattered ride – and man it does that!

EVIL DEAD is in limited release through SONY PICTURES RELEASING

(yes I think most all of Julia Roberts films are terrifying)