Remembering A Classic – Takk… (2005) – Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros Takk (2005)The world is divided into two people – those who own and adore TAKK… and those who have yet to listen to it.

This is the 4th studio album from the Icelandic quartet SIGUR ROS and is also the one that really saw their presence on the international scale rise. A complex, emotive, evocative and heartbreaking epic TAKK… stands above most albums you’re going to hear for the immersive sound scape it puts you through.

Playing guitars with oboe bows, finding percussion from everyday objects and employing a falsetto idioglossia to all of the songs on show here TAKK… takes orchestral composition and deftly blends it with modern alternative, atmospheric sensibilities to deliver an unashamedly heartfelt and bittersweet experience that has since been mauled by film makers like Cameron Crowe to make their average films seem all the more powerful (see the unforgivably pedestrian trash of WE BOUGHT A ZOO as a shining example of SIGUR ROS exploitation).

What I love about SIGUR ROS is that they make albums when they are ready, they wrote their own language ‘Hopelandic’ to sing with and that, even at their quietest, there is a massive emotional intelligence behind their music. I am emotionally engaged to this band from the second they begin.

The album saw two major releases GLOSOLI and HOPPIPOLLA. The latter was later sampled in the CHICANE track POLLIHOPPA 5AM. Since then, then band has had their music appear throughout films and TV as their popularity skyrockets.

This album moved me to tears when I first heard it – the track ANDVARI in particular melted my cold blackened heart – and I hope, if you’ve never heard this, that you are enamoured by it as much as I am.

This album is best experienced from start to finish without interruption and trust me you will get GOOSEBUMPS as you journey through!

Ladies & Gentleman … TAKK…