Aza’s 2 Line Review – Superman Unbound – DC Comics & Warner Bros New Animated Feature Is A Mix Of Adult Skew Action & Kid Focus Fun. A Solid Entry Into The Series.

Superman_UnboundSUPERMAN UNBOUND is an adaptation of the SUPERMAN VS BRAINIAC comic book series where our caped hero has to face off with a merciless half alien/half robot being that travels the galaxy absorbing civilisations intelligence and destroying their worlds. BRAINIAC was going to be the big bad in the Tim Burton live action Superman movie that had Nicolas Cage as Kal-El and ultimately never came to fruition.

In this animated entry we are treated to a more adult Superman still protecting Metropolis and the globe whilst also trying to manage a teenage survivor from Krypton in the form of Supergirl. When a rogue robot crashes into our orbit Superman suitably destroys it but not before Supergirl reveals that it is a scout for the world destroyer Brainiac. With that Superman leaves Earth to track down Brainiac and stop his nefarious plans.

What I really am impressed with in SUPERMAN UNBOUND is ensuring the audience knows he is an alien. It’s an important fact that often gets missed and being that a good part of this flick is set off earth it really widens the mythology of Kal-El. The Supergirl side of the story is a little bit kiddy but it does lighten the tension as this doesn’t shy away from wanton destruction or a body count. SUPERMAN UNBOUND does get bloody, people do die and worlds do get destroyed.

The animation from WB is top notch as is the voice casting, it’s tightly edited and moves along at a cracking pace. Much like the BATMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE animated features, DC’s mature approach to these entries is really working wonders for the credibility and watchibility of their properties.