’24’ Set To Return As Limited Series On FOX?

24 LogoThat’s the plan that FOX are hoping to achieve and are already talking to Kiefer Sutherland to reprise his emmy award winning role as Jack Bauer. The original ’24’ ran for 8 seasons and was one of the highest rated shows of all time for the FOX network. Much effort was made to make a feature film out of it but all that fell apart late last year. Now that Sutherlands’ other show TOUCH has been put to bed the lights may well be green to drag the JACK BAUER POWER HOUR into the telesphere!

Former executive producer David Fury (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Angel) is also back on board for the reboot and the plan is to start from scratch with a completely new story arc over  small time frame.


Can I get a WOOP up in here?