Warner Bros. Nabs The Rights To ‘Dungeons & Dragons’!

Dungeons & DragonsBasement Dwellers, Geekboys, Nerfgirls and level 64 Mages Unite! Warner Bros. have secured the rights to the long standing institution of role playing game DUNGEONS & DRAGONS to establish themselves a new fantasy franchise.

After kicking major box office ass with THE HARRY POTTER SERIES OCTOLOGY, THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY, THE HOBBIT TRILOGY (well ok 2 of em aren’t out yet but you know they are going to kick ass) and their subsidiary HBO’s GAME OF THRONES, The WB certainly know how to give good fantasy.

DAVID LESLIE JOHNSON  is currently writing the script for a new D&D film so we can wash away all memories of that god awful one with Jeremy Irons and Thora Birch (which actually spawned 2 direct to dvd sequels so I should shut up). Johnson is adapting his original screenplay CHAINMAIL to be retrofitted to the D&D universe.

No official start dates for the new flick have been announced as yet.