Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up (Iron Man Stays Golden, The Big Wedding Surprises, Camille & Shootout Okay On Limited)

Iron Man 3 IMAX3D IRON MAN 3 (631 screens) held out the top spot for the second weekend in a row with another $6.234m for the 4 days. That’s off 56% from last weekend’s gargantuan $14m haul and it’s still kicking the highest national average of $9,881 per screen. The film has now grossed $27.3m in 12 days an in doing so has outgrossed everything released this year and has also outgrossed its predecessors IRON MAN and IRON MAN 2 domestically. Hey Tony Stark I’ve got a number for you… $40m. Can you dig it? It’s gonna be tough though case Captain Kirk and the team are headed Tony’s way from Thursday!

thebigweddingTHE BIG WEDDING (250 screens) came in and took out 2nd place with a $1.26m weekend. Nothing hugely spectacular but when you compare it to the films disastrous bow in the U.S. where it opened to $7.59m from April 26 – 28, 2013 Australia should’ve only been expected to generate $759k on it. Instead we turned in a pro rata result of 16.57%, smashing the 10% target and delivered the 4th highest screen average in the country with $5,031. It’s a great case of counter programming against a juggernaut and how more reliable Australians are to support femme skew and wedding themed content. I liken this to the film THE WEDDING DATE (Debra Messing/Dermot Mulroney) which bombed at the U.S. box office earning $31m in 2005 yet here in Australia the film took $4m.

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, THE CROODS, OBLIVION, THE COMPANY YOU KEEP and WARM BODIES all took hits and these guys will be getting halved or cut off this week to make way for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS & SPRING BREAKERS. 

DriftDRIFT (140 screens) fell apart on opening taking out 6th for a $268,570 result. A screen average of $1,918 tells you that no-one was interested in it and DRIFT is the latest casualty in misfiring Aussie films releasing in Cinemas this year. The reviews weren’t all that kind across the board and I believe this flick suffers from the same issue of relevance that killed SAVE YOUR LEGS and BLINDER. This will have it sessions halved but held better because it’s Australian but it’ll be gone from screens from May 16.


The Place Beyond The Pines 11THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (63 screens) performed modestly for its sneak preview weekend taking out 9th place and earning $197,538. With a screen average of $3,136 means its got interest and RDS have been brave pushing this one out a bit wider than you’d think a 2.5hr triptych would go. But with the 1-2 star power punch of Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper on your slate this could be a surprise winner this weekend.



Song For MarionSONG FOR MARION (42 screens) held out the top spot for its 2nd weekend with $128,669. With a screen average of $3,064 she’s only 20% off the pace from last weekend. Most of the art locations are playing IRON MAN 3 so it’ll be dominating their screen space as well and hence the softer screen average here. The film has now grossed $369,471.



Camille RewindsCAMILLE REWINDS (15 screens) opened smartly in 2nd place with $88,147 and a $5,876 screen average. Strong word of mouth and solid presence at the AFFF French Film Festival has bolstered CAMILLE’s presence and on a nice tight release strategy keeping that screen average high will keep this puppy kicking along nicely.




Figures from MPDAA


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 3D IRON MAN 3 2 DIS $6,234,623 631 $9,881 $27,299,759 -56%
2 THE BIG WEDDING 1 RDS $1,257,692 250 $5,031 $1,385,590 new
3 OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN 3 RDS $595,599 220 $2,707 $4,251,554 -41%
4 THE CROODS 6 FOX $560,035 212 $2,642 $24,116,708 -62%
5 OBLIVION 4 UNI $484,459 218 $2,222 $8,575,232 -43%
6 DRIFT 1 HOP $268,570 140 $1,918 $268,570 new
7 THE COMPANY YOU KEEP 3 MAD $250,315 94 $2,663 $1,590,705 -45%
8 WARM BODIES 4 ICO $218,245 143 $1,526 $3,171,385 -47%
9 THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES P/V RDS $197,538 63 $3,136 $206,829 new
10 IDENTITY THIEF 5 UNI $174,923 140 $1,249 $6,933,339 -63%


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 SONG FOR MARION 2 HOP $128,669 42 $3,064 $369,471 -20%
2 CAMILLE REWINDS 1 UMB $88,147 15 $5,876 $177,483 new
3 SHOOTOUT AT WADALA 1 IND $67,772 10 $6,777 $67,772 new
4 HAUTE CUISINE 2 TRA $65,992 23 $2,869 $512,861 -35%
5 LUCKY DI UNLUCKY STORY 2 IND $55,682 17 $3,275 $288,410 -65%
6 THE OTHER SON 3 CUR $54,111 15 $3,607 $257,800 -32%
7 MET OPERA: FRANCESCA DA RIMINI 1 SHA $44,513 28 $1,590 $45,157 new
8 3D JURASSIC PARK 5 UNI $38,914 41 $949 $1,811,441 -53%
9 FIRST POSITION 4 HOP $34,999 19 $1,842 $323,109 -48%
10 RUST & BONE 6 HOP $30,745 24 $1,281 $760,484 -47%