‘Die Hard 6’ In The Works? Tentatively Titled (wait for it) ‘Die Hardest’ (now groan).

A Good Day To Die Hard 15A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, the supremely hated entry in the DIE HARD franchise, went on to earn $300m+ internationally even when it only did $67m in the U.S. (These puppies usually do north of $110m there) and on that basis alone you can expect another go round for John McClane.

Bruce Willis had already said that he had 2 more in him with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD was released so the fact that A GOOD DAY took bank means that yes a 6th (and presumably final) entry is in the works.

TOTAL FILM are reporting that UK writer Ben Trebilcook is currently working on a spec script entitled ‘DIE HARDEST’ (I know. Awful.) and will apparently have McClane heading to Tokyo (?) to fuck shit up there. Trebilcook is quoted as saying:

“It is extremely faithful to the franchise and characters and is a natural progression. It’s also a very plausible storyline, I feel it could be the ‘Rocky Balboa‘ of the ‘Die Hard’ franchise.”

Ben, have you actually seen any of the DIE HARD movies? And saying it could be the ROCKY BALBOA of the DIE HARD franchise is no endorsement.

No news as to whether FOX or anyone has picked up the spec as yet but the idea sounds even more dire than A GOOD DAY’s awful premise and execution.

Let John McClane Lie.