Justin Kurzel: A Wanted Man. Is He ‘Our Kind Of Traitor’ Or ‘Macbeth’?

Justin KurzelIf you haven’t seen SNOWTOWN, the stunningly powerful South Australian film based on the Snowtown Murders, then you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing an immensely talented director in Justin Kurzel. Met with critical acclaim worldwide, Kurzel has been a man in demand and a man on the watch list ever since.

He was attached to the big screen adaptation of John Le Carre’s ‘OUR KIND OF TRAITOR’ which has (or had) Ralph Feinnes and Mads Mikkelsen lining up roles. Well news in today has Kurzel lining up to direct a new big screen adaptation of that Scottish play.

MACBETH has had many an incarnation on the screen with the most recent in memory is the hideously awful Sam Worthington starrer that’s best forgotten and I regret mentioning it here. This time around it’s none other than our favourite Magneto Jr Michael Fassbender who’s got his eyes on the lead role.

The combo of Justin Kurzel and Michael Fassbender is an inspired match. It’s very exciting to think of how this project will turn out.

The Playlist are reporting that MACBETH could happen before OUR KIND OF TRAITOR. So which one is it to be Justin? Which One?