Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up April 25 – 28, 2013 (Iron Man 3 Is Gold! The Croods Resilience Phenomenal! Lucky Di Unlucky Story Pumps A Big Screen Average!)

Iron Man 3 Version 5Well it was one hell of a weekend for one movie! Much like the rest of the world IRON MAN 3 (631 screens) absolutely smashed the box office to take in $14.1m for the 4 day opening (screen average of $22,331) and $17.5m for the 5 day. That’s the biggest opening weekend haul since THE DARK KNIGHT RISES back in July 19 – 22, 2o12 which did $15m.  IRON MAN 3 also outperformed the $53m Aus Box giant THE AVENGERS opening weekend of $13.27m on the same weekend frame last year. The film will continue to sail strong this coming week as there is no competition releasing around it.  It’ll hit $27m come this time next weekend and should the sun still shine IRON MAN 3 could make its way into the $50m+ club.. That’s if STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS doesn’t have anything to say about it from May 9…


The Croods Poster 3THE CROODS (349 screens) is just the surprise flick that just won’t quit. For its 5th week in season the film has grossed $1.49m, a $4,264 screen average and has now earned $22.95m at the Aussie Box Office. The film has only fallen 27% week on week, indicative of what a strong word of mouth flick it is and bolstered by some states on school holidays across the country. What a sensational result and it just keeps on holding. At the same frame last year we had Universal’s THE LORAX which grossed $15.9m (a big hit in its own right) so the cultivation of this easter trading frame for new franchises is certainly proving fruitful! You wanna launch your new kids animated franchise? Easter might be a good time for you!


olympus_has_fallen_ver5OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN (230 screens) by 48% week on week to take out #3 with $1.01m and a solid $4,396 screen average. The drop is better than what I would’ve expected (given IRON MAN 3 and an MA rating I would’ve thought more in the 55-60% drop range) and the film has now crossed just on $3.6m domestically. Much like IRON MAN 3, the flick has no real competition (bar fighting for holding sessions) until STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS gets here on May 9 and should be able to creep its way to a $5m+ result.


Oblivion Poster 4OBLIVION (250 screens) copped the biggest smack (next to JURASSIC PARK 3D who had its IMAX sessions cut down again) by IRON MAN 3 falling 54% to take out #4 with $842,591. The films’ screen average has fallen to $3,370 which will see it start to share screens (there’ll be less sessions this week). OBLIVION has grossed $7.818m domestically and is set to outgross JACK REACHER in the next 2 weeks if it can hold on.


The Company You KeepTHE COMPANY YOU KEEP (97 screens) took out #6 with a $457k result and a sturdy $4,716 screen average. What’s impressive here is that the film has only fallen 14% week on week and has now grossed $1.2m at the Aussie Box Office. It’s a great little win for Madman and this puppy should be able to kick on to the mid-high $2m’s.





Song For MarionSONG FOR MARION (42 screens) took out the top spot as the grey rinse came out to see oldies sing… yet again .. with $160,357. This is a growing trend after the megahit of QUARTET ($8m) and the solid work of PERFORMANCE ($900k) there is definitely a market for oldie feel gooders. (And I’m not forgetting about THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – $21m!) The screen average is a little soft on $3,818 but a film like this will perform better during the weekdays so expect it to kick up a notch this week.


Lucky-Di-Unlucky-Story-Punjabi-Movie-First-LookLUCKY DI UNLUCKY STORY (18 screens) stormed into #2 with $158,889 to deliver the 2nd highest screen average of $8,827. This Punjabi title is a prime example of the power of the Indian market if the release date schedule can limit them to 1 a week. It’s when 3 of them go out at once, which has been happening throughout the last 12 months, that they all fail. Cracking result!




Figures from MPDAA


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff LW
1 3D IRON MAN 3 1 DIS $14,090,713 631 $22,331 $17,507,260 new
2 3D THE CROODS 5 FOX $1,488,057 349 $4,264 $22,946,060 -27%
3 OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN 2 RDS $1,011,127 230 $4,396 $3,597,834 -48%
4 OBLIVION 3 UNI $842,591 250 $3,370 $7,818,412 -54%
5 IDENTITY THIEF 4 UNI $467,632 208 $2,248 $6,628,900 -42%
6 THE COMPANY YOU KEEP 2 MAD $457,495 97 $4,716 $1,200,680 -14%
7 WARM BODIES 3 ICO $415,468 182 $2,283 $2,825,715 -40%
8 ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH 5 RDS $364,210 199 $1,830 $2,661,500 -19%
9 SCARY MOVIE 5 3 RDS $353,658 158 $2,238 $2,994,722 -47%
10 ADVENTURES IN ZAMBEZIA 5 SON $319,308 176 $1,814 $2,309,158 -18%


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff LW
1 SONG FOR MARION 1 HOP $160,357 42 $3,818 $160,357 new
2 LUCKY DI UNLUCKY STORY 1 IND $158,889 18 $8,827 $158,889 new
3 HAUTE CUISINE 1 TRA $100,147 21 $4,769 $412,114 new
4 JURASSIC PARK 3D 4 UNI $83,155 48 $1,732 $1,742,895 -60%
5 THE OTHER SON 3 CUR $79,520 15 $5,301 $181,898 +29%
6 FIRST POSITION 2 HOP $67,941 22 $3,088 $268,935 +14%
7 RUST & BONE 5 HOP $57,992 24 $2,416 $710,778 -17%
8 NO 2 RIA $53,255 17 $3,133 $211,617 0
9 EXHIBITION MANET: PORTRAYING LIFE 1 SHA $53,172 28 $1,899 $53,172 new
10 KON-TIKI 3 TRA $32,847 33 $995 $253,358 -42%