Aza’s 2 Line Review – 007 Skyfall – A Supreme Entertainment. Confident, Stylish & Loaded With Knowing Nods.

There’s no wonder why this li’l puppy has been devouring the global box office over the past 4 weeks, it’s such a solid return to form for the series that boasts a huge swing in direction for the property. The change in direction might perplex some fans but when there’s so much flashy production values and invigoration going on it’s worth it for trid ride.

Sam Mendes’ first foray in to large scale action (more so than Road To Perdition) comes with his self professed nods to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.  Armed with the cream of British talent and a completely off the wall big bad in Javier Bardem, SKYFALL is a supreme entertainment that chews up its 140 minutes all too quickly.

The film is gorgeously shot with the set pieces confidently staged, but the greatest asset that SKYFALL delivers over a lot of the films is the personalization of this story. This one isn’t  about a country under attack, this is about MI6 under attack and that no one is beyond consequence. You are brought right back into the central players and for that it drives this one into a more intimate revenge tale.

It’s cheeky, there’s plenty of knowing nods to Bond mythology and other films for fans to lap up. There’s loads for fun to be had here and whereas QUANTUM OF SOLACE sacrificed a complex storyline for action, SKYFALL fleshes and fattens itself out.  This entry is hitting the reset button and rest assured, when the next 007 comes along, its gonna be something grand.. NOt bad for a franchise in its 23rd incarnation!

Roger Moore was right – Daniel Craig is the best Bond.