Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up Thu Nov 15 – Sun Nov 18, 2012 (Twilight Me Baby!)

As predicted it was 1 film the dominated the shop and everything else fell over – especially all of the new releases outside of TWILIGHT. Outside of TWILIGHT, ARGO, THE INTOUCHABLES and JAD TAK HAI JAAN there’s nothing much to report here. TWO LITTLE BOYS, DEAD EUROPE, THE FIRST FAGIN, GOD BLESS AMERICA and THE ANGELS’ SHARE are all softer than expected.

Well we were bang on when we predicted that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART TWO would hit $12.5m on its opening weekend – it came in at $12.49m. Woot! Aza did a little jig and some old lady threw a lettuce at him, but that was okay cause he was hungry. BREAKING DAWN PART TWO took 77% of the top ten box office for the weekend. Boom! We’re running at about 8.8% pro rata to the U.S. which is dead on track to how we do with the TWILIGHT franchise between territories.

ARGO held out the 2nd spot for a $1.07m weekend, bringing its haul to nearly $8.5m – its a sturdy performance for the flick and if it can survive SKYFALL this weekend it should be able to coast to $10m+ in the coming weeks. Though we are talking Bond here – he tends to obliterate everything.

THE INTOUCHABLES hits #3 in week four for $466k. This will be the highest grossing foreign language film of the year to release here and should get knocking on THE ARTIST’s door soon. What a result!

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS slipped to 4th with $462k and it’ll get annihilated this week to make way for Bond.

3D NITRO CIRCUS enters the market with a $458k result. It’s a softer result than expect – though this was on selected sessions. I’d thought this property had a bit of legs in respect to the huge attendance to their national tour recently and the TV saturation. Damn tough date to go out on though. Pity, this should’ve done north of $1m.

JAD TAK HAI JAAN smashes into the top ten with $322k. This Indian release absolutely butchered the competitor release SON OF SARDAAR (Eros) which did $122k. Had SARDAAR gone out a week later it would’ve done $300k+ too.

Too many limited films released on the same date in this week and none of them really survived. It’s a cleaning house week again so you’ll see lots of smaller directories in the paper with basically 2 major films on release – SKYFALL and TWILIGHT.

Figures from MPDAA.


2. ARGO – RDS – Week 4 – $1,070,355 – cume $8,466,396

3. THE INTOUCHABLES – RDS – Week 4 – $466,479 – cume $3,493,994

4. SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS – HOP – Week 2 – $462,381 – cume $1,385,986

5. 3D NITRO CIRCUS – UNI – Week 1 – $458,657

6. JAD TAK HAI JAAN – MIN – Week 1 – $321,878

7. BACHELORETTE – E1/HOP – Week 3 – $294,475 – cume $2,272,963

8. THE SESSIONS – FOX – Week 2 – $234,625 – cume $638,540

9. TAKEN 2 – FOX – Week 6 – $222,944 – cume $19,200,155

10. END OF WATCH – RDS – Week 3 – $194,284 – cume $1,825,162