Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up May 17 – 20, 2012

All Hail THE DICTATOR! The Sacha Baron Cohen comedy raked in $5.1m for the 4 day weekend, with a $5.9m gross since its Wednesday opening. When BORAT opened it took $4.8m in its opening weekend and BRUNO $5.86m respectively so THE DICTATOR, for all intents and purposes, is in line with Cohen lead property launches. From here, the film should see itself finish up its theatrical run at around the $15m if it can hold its own against MEN IN BLACK 3 that opens this week.

THE AVENGERS managed to hold onto #2 with a $3.5m weekend gross bringing its Aussie haul to $43.7m so far, there’s still life in the film yet and although the competition that MEN IN BLACK 3 will smash on it there’s still a $50m bounty on this puppy for me! What a result!

DARK SHADOWS had a much stronger hold than predicted, only dropping 42% week on week amidst battling THE DICTATOR, THE AVENGERS and THE WOMAN IN BLACK to keep a hold of #3 in the country with a gross of $2.3m. The films strengths lie in the metropolitan performances and the cross-over upscale nature of the property supports this. The film is on track to wind up at around $10m nationally in Australia.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK really struggled to get a hold on the Aussie Box Office, unable to repeat the stellar performances it managed in the U.K. and the U.S. It should be noted that the film went out on about 100 screens less than its rivals and accrued a $380k weekend result. The Daniel Radcliffe starrer was a victim of the landscape of films in play – reviews have been solid – and, as we know of the performance of the horror genre in Australia, its underperformed. You shouldn’t miss this though – the film is really entertaining. From here THE WOMAN IN BLACK looks to finish up on about $800k.

THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL cracked the big $20m this weekend after 9 weeks of play and is still on 200 screens! It’s a great result and a cracking longevity which is so rare these days in cinema. The crowd pleaser is definitely hitting its dusk now and should finish up its run on around $20.8m.

THE WAY, another insistently consistently performer, entered the top ten for the weekend for this first time since its release to take hold of #9. With a $750k haul to date, the limited release flick has consistently performed week in week out since it opened. From here the film should be able to finish around that $1m mark.

WISH YOU WERE HERE deserves a huge pat on the back for cracking $1m domestically. The limited release Australian thriller has performed solidly since its release and to sail past $1m in week 4 of release is a great achievement.

  1. THE DICTATOR – PAR – Week 1 – $5.1m – cume $5.9m (forecast $15m)
  2. THE AVENGERS – DIS – Week 4 – $3.5m – cume $43.7m (forecast $50m)
  3. DARK SHADOWS – RDS – Week 2 – $2.3m – cume $6.9m (forecast $10m)
  4. THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT – UNI – Week 3 – $770k – cume $5.3m (forecast $6.4m)
  5. THE WOMAN IN BLACK – RDS – Week 1 – $380k – (forecast $800k)
  6. THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – FOX – Week 9 – $310k – cume $20.1m (forecast $20.8m)
  7. SAFE – ICO – Week 2 – $260k – cume $871k (forecast $1m)
  8. SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN – RDS – Week 7 – $180k – cume $3.6m (forecast $3.9m)
  9. THE WAY – UMB – Week 4 – $160k – cume $750k (forecast $1m)
  10. WISH YOU WERE HERE – E1/HOP – Week 4 – $139k – cume $1.07m (forecast $1.3m)

Figures sourced from IBOE.