Aza’s 2 Line Review – Navy Seals (1990) – The Greatest Film Ever Made. An Epic Disaster Of Magnificent Proportions.

This is one of the most quotable action flicks ever made. It has the WORST dialogue possibly to ever grace the screen and the most overtly testosterone drenched American flag waving tosh you’re ever likely to see – and that’s why you have to love it. It is f*cking hilarious and is home to such choice quotes as:

Pilot: Lieutenant, you guys are incredible. Thank you.
Curran: There’s no reason to thank us because we don’t exist. You never saw us. This never happened. 
Hawkins: One more thing: you’re welcome.

Hawkins: What’s he saying?
Leary: Something about your mother.
[Hawkins lowers his gun and slightly alters his aim, hitting the terrorist directly in the forehead with a well-aimed shot]
Hawkins: NEVER talk about Mom…

Hawkins: [driving on a bridge on the way to a wedding] I’m sorry guys but I cannot be apart of this funeral procession. I’m out of here
[he jumps off the moving jeep, over the bridge and dives down in to the water about twenty feet below while shouting]
Billy: Whoa, did you see that, that guy’s a crazy man!
[they throw him his coat]
Hawkins: THANK YOU!
Curran: [to Graham] I hope he dies of pneumonia.

Hawkins: Thrust me with your life, not your money or your wife

Add to gold lines like that, some really half assed staged navy seal incursion actions (Keep your eye on the medics in the background in the last act of the film, one of the actors has no clue what he’s doing)..

Oh did I mention Charlie Sheen is the lead??? And to me I think he might’ve blown about a kilo of coke everyday before he did every shot because his eyes and so extremely OPEN in every shot it’s hilarious!!!

NAVY SEALS is a must watch, must have, epic piece of cinema – get into it!