Author: Stephen

Stephen’s 2 Line Review – Warm Bodies – Zombies Get New Lease Of Life in Refreshing, Genre-Bending Treat From Wrtier/Director Jonathan Levine. Nicholas Hoult And Teresa Palmer Are The Beating Heart Of This Celebration of Life.

In some kind of unholy union, writer/director Jonathan Levine (50/50) has stitched together the flailing rom com genre with the devoid-of–new-ideas zombie film canon in a kind of Frankenstein’s Monster combo that harks back to […]

Stephen’s 2 Line Review – Rust and Bone – Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts Deliver Stunning Central Performances That Refuse Lazy, Mawkish Manipulation. Rust And Bone is a Cinematic Triumph That Deserves Classic Status.

Almost a year  year after its original French release, writer/director Jacques Audiard’s stunning cinematic triumph of love and loss, Rust and Bone, finally reaches Australian shores. The sea is all present in this soaring tale […]

Stephen’s 2 Line Review – Mama – An Un-scary, Cliché-Riddled Abomination That Plods Along With Predictably Bad Performances And Inexplicable Plot. CGI is The Biggest Offender In a Horror Film Devoid of Originality.

The slick opening scenes of Canadian-Spanish production Mama, writer/director Andrés Muschietti’s debut feature based on his 2008 short by the same name, hints at a genuinely refreshing take on the increasingly tired horror genre. Lucas, […]