Listen: ‘Violent Type’ by Long-Distance

Alternative pop quartet Long-Distance return with haunting, ambient single ‘Violent Type’, confronting the real stories of domestic violence survivors, marked by impassioned vocals. Having received support from Clash and M Magazine, the Scottish four-piece have sheltered after their two previous releases, having time to write, record and learn, whilst gigging in every venue in Glasgow, supporting the likes of Larkins, Whitehill Grove and Noah Noah 

Dropping August 31st, ‘Violent Type’ is from the perspective of a domestic violence survivor, written from a combination of research and experience. Some of the phrases within the lyrics were coined from real accounts and a narrative was built up around these.  

9k=Produced, mixed and mastered by Kevin Burleigh (Glasvegas, Holy Esque) at Gorbals Sound in Glasgow, ‘Violent Type’ is meant to give a window into how someone feels going through domestic violent and the necessities people turn to with lyrics such as “You’re the violent type, You’re the shake in my skin”. 

Marked by frontman Scott Gibbins’ goosebump worthy vocals, Long-Distance’s previous releases have taken influence from Prince, with all proceeds going to Simon Community Scotland. ‘Violent Type’ will be no different, with the band members wanting to support the homeless and vulnerable. Long-Distance state: “We know that we’re only one missed pay check away from potentially finding ourselves in that situation too. We pay for it all ourselves and anything that comes back goes to them.” 

Gig Dates 

The Hug and Pint | Glasgow | October 26th 

Leith Depot | Edinburgh | November 2nd  



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