Listen: ‘Gone Girl’ by Nova Moura And XXYYXX

Nova Moura makes stirring bedroom music for moments of isolation and vulnerability. “Gone Girl,” premiered today (9/12/18) by Highsnobiety, is the enigmatic soul artist’s smooth collaborative track with Florida producer XXYYXX that explores the gamut of emotions caused by abandonment and separation.

“‘Gone Girl’ is a song I wrote a long time ago about separation. It’s one of those explorations of abandonment and what that causes; the thoughts, feelings, and tendencies. The song talks about the freshness of those wounds and the life that those wounds helped to create. It’s also a sort of conversation, I guess, with that person who abandoned me. I wanted to express that the failed relationship wasn’t solely my fault in the hopes that maybe someday she would hear it.” – Nova Moura

“Gone Girl” will appear on Nova’s forthcoming EP, the follow-up to his Desension Ramona series.


Nova Moura makes music for the outliers– the misfits, the introverts; from a sort of quiet passion that only emerges when we’re alone. Born amidst solemn Cincinnati nights, Nova’s music started as a collection of improvised bedroom recordings and quickly evolved into an exploration of vulnerability, loneliness, and isolation. Nova’s music lives in the space between intimacy and seclusion, reminding us that they are often one and the same. Drawing from the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, Nova’s often simmering, and always surreal R&B eschews the highs and lows of traditional pop; his music inhabits the gray areas, the complexities and contradictions, and the voids we don’t want to confront. Nova Moura is the moniker of a cerebral misfit, a kid who couldn’t identify with the traditions of society nor the half-baked hedonism of partying with his peers; So he quit trying to fit in, shedding his early guise as a rapper in favor of writing music that invokes who he was and is: The exhaustion of feeling alone amidst a crowd of friends. The moments we retreat inside ourselves, or long to retreat into someone else. Nova is a persona, in many ways more honest than the ones we wear to face the world: His music embodies the most fragile parts of ourselves, the invincible parts that don’t have to fake feelings, the undeniable and often brutal honesty. It’s the sound of vulnerability without apology; that’s where he finds strength, that’s where he invites us to connect.
photo credit Taylor James