Listen: ‘Grow’ by Ainslie

Vicky Warwick is a British artist, operating under the moniker of AINSLIE.

Vicky comes from a world of being a called upon side-woman in the music industry; as a session musician she is hired for many musical artists and occasions, whether it be playing a sweaty sold-out show in Florida with Charli XCX or appearing on award shows with Cee Lo Green.

Her first job in the music industry was as the in-house bassist with the renowned pop- production house, Xenomania (Cher, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud, Sugababes). It was such a privileged insight into how pop music was made; AINSLIE soaked up each experience there. Whilst she was always writing music, she didn’t really take her own voice seriously until a few years later on.

Her need to make music started as a form of anxiousness – the good kind – when she would spend months away from home on the road. So starved for personal time, she itched to be spending whatever time she had writing music; whether it meant finding a quiet corner of the tour bus, or an unoccupied room at a venue. For a long time, she didn’t know what exactly for, until she was penning ideas she knew she didn’t want to give to anyone else. More strange anxiety followed in the form of thinking “what if I died tomorrow, and I hadn’t released these songs?” Her music now became something she didn’t want to do, but had to.

She had been writing songs in her home of London, and many other places over the world, but the project wasn’t fully realised until she moved to New York City in 2017. Something changed when she arrived. The colours were brighter, the people wilder. The ideas more far-fetched, the fashion more creative. Whilst taking some time off from long-term touring, she settled into the city and to the idea of putting out the songs she’d been singing to herself for a while. As she was getting out there, trying to meet and collaborate with the many creatives of the city to further her session playing career, it made her see that she should nurture the thing that was hers, and hers only. The thing that she took with her wherever in the world she was. She realised it’s importance, and how in a whirlwind lifestyle of a touring musician, it was something that could be a constant.

Ainslie’s music draws from magnifying personal experiences, and she likes to imagine the world from other’s perspectives. It has themes of fantasies, inner thought and commentaries of suburbia and our everyday lives. She has a kind of synesthesia when envisioning her project, which conjures images of pastel pinks, blues and turquoises, the sea and water, plants and soft textures of fluffy candy floss or velvet.