Listen: ‘Del Mar’ by Adult Karate

Los Angeles based indie-electro artist Adult Karate – the moniker of producer, singer, and songwriter K.C. Maloney – has released the official music video for “Del Mar,” the title track off his first LP .

“The video for ‘Del Mar’ is the type of music video I’ve wanted to make for a long time,” says Maloney. “The song is about the feeling of dread, desperation, and hopelessness that comes with addiction. I was very lucky to again work with the incredibly talented Steven Randolph and Rocker Meadows, who I’ve worked with in the past. The story of the ‘Del Mar’ follows a man who visits a doctor and gets a poison ivy rash diagnosis. This is something that is easily treatable with a topical lotion, but he treats it like death sentence. He begins to give away all his prized possessions and eventually succumbs to his own hopelessness and desperation. And the video ends with the same day/story starting over again. It’s like a never-ending vicious cycle. This is a metaphor for the daily life of a drug addict. This video is my way of hopefully shining a light on how the brain is very capable of tricking you into a false sense of hopelessness, but that there is always hope and the chance for recovery.”


Lyrically and thematically, Del Mar is an exposition of Maloney’s past experiences including the years he spent battling heroin addiction, before getting sober in 2011. Waxing philosophical on subjects ranging from embracing nihilism, to guilt, sexuality, paranoia, and self-doubt, it’s lyrically as raw as Maloney has ever been. His ambitiousness not only works on Del Mar;it showcases his undeniable maturation as an artist. It’s a cohesive mixture of the sprawling, darker tones reminiscent of “Chased,” “Murderer,”& “LXII”from his first release (LXII), and the more succinct, buoyant feel of “From The Dust” and “Friction” from his second release (Indoors).
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