Listen: ‘Wild’ by Chymes

Sydney duo Chymes are pleased present their latest offering ‘Wild’. Off the back of their vibrant new single ‘Dreaming’, the Sydney pair are proving their enigmatic and intimate brand of electro-pop is as cool and collected as ever.

Opening with Kiersten’s breathy vocals and driving drums, ‘Wild’ is romantic and intense. Her seductive voice teases abed complex synth layers that assures new findings with each listen. She playfully but powerfully commands as she sings the haunting line ‘It’s not real, don’t take what’s mine’. The production creates a state of hazy hypnosis that takes the listener to a place where they feel before they can think. The refined lyricism deals with the internal intrapersonal struggle of not being heard and understood, and following your intuition even when external interruptions negate your integrity.

Chymes is the musical pairing of acoustic singer/songwriter Kiersten Nyman and electronic-based producer Cameron Taylor. The amalgamation of the dark lyricism and playful soundscapes create a sound of their own. Their music has a softness and intimacy that beholds the listener, with an intense and alluring style that’s impossibly calm, delicate and enchanting.

Chymes write, record, produce and mix all of their work in Cameron’s home studio, hidden on a hill, amongst the trees looking out to the South Pacific Ocean. The tranquillity of their surroundings aids the inspiration of their iconic sound, to which they mix playful, innocent vocals that contrast with the dark and moody soundscapes. This combination creates their immensely refined, personal and intimate work.

With stellar tracks up their sleeves, ‘Wild’ shortly follows ‘Dreaming’ which boasts airtime on triple j, triple j Unearthed and hit FBi Radio rotation. Previous releases Grow’ which hit #10 on Spotify Viral Charts. Chymes have clocked up over 1 million plays on Spotify and had unwavering support with airplay across triple j and triple j Unearthed.

Chymes create a mesmerising world where the only thing that matters is the way you feel. Their music begs you in with no signs of letting you go. ‘Wild’ is every bit the hypnotic fantasy we’ve come to expect from Chymes.