U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 3 – Sun 5 Aug, 2018

In the battle of the spies week it was Ethan Hunt who remained victorious as Mission: Impossible – Fallout (4,395 screens) held onto pole position in its 2nd weekend with a projected $34m on a $7,736 screen average. With a 44% drop from last weekend, it marks the single best 2nd weekend hold for the entire series (n.b. Weekend 2 for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was when it expanded into wide release). And the good news keeps coming as the film will have amassed $123.3m against Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation‘s weekend 2 cume of $108m – a full 14.17% up on it. Globally, the film is sitting on circa $270m with plenty of gas left in the tank.

Christopher Robin (3,602 screens) opens solidly to $26.2m on a $7,274 screen average. Comparatively, this is running closest to Disney’s remake of Pete’s Dragon (2016) which opened to $21.5m and went on to gross $76.2m domestically on a $65m budget. Given that comparative, that puts the domestic flagfall at around the $95m mark and international in the $145-$150m for a total of $245m globally before home entertainment.

Forbes suggest Christopher Robin comes with a hefty $75m+/- budget given the live action CG work but globally, the prospects on this one are much more robust than Pete’s Dragon.

Critically, Christopher Robin was lukewarmly received landing a 68% fresh with the consensus being its sweet, undemanding and familiar. That, for a Disney film, will play straight to their base and keep this puppy on screen for weeks to come. It may not shatter box office records, but it certainly won’t be a complete dud, either.

The Spy Who Dumped Me (3,111 screens) gets a modest opening at the box office with a $12.8m opening on a $4,114 screen average. Coming in against week 2 M:I – Fallout and the strong positive discourse on the female characters in that action property certainly played into this opening but the real killer for the film is the reaction to it… Which ain’t good. Critically, the film landed a 38% rotten score with the consensus being that Kate McKinnon is the only reason you’d endure it.

Though no budget has been posted, this represents Mila Kunis’ worst opening to date, coming in 24% behind Bad Moms 2 $16.8m opening weekend. With an opening weekend of $12.8m. which will represent around 30% of the overall haul, The Spy Who Dumped Me is looking at a $43m finish.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (3,359 screens) slips 41% in weekend 3 for an $8.9m take on a $2,650 screen average. With $91.1m in the tank so far, it’s still ahead of the original’s weekend 3 cume of $87.5m. The drop offs should stabilise from here as the screens slowly whittle away, but the question will be, can it remain on screens long enough to surpass the original’s $144m domestic boon? If we keep on this trajectory, the answer is yes. If exhibitors throw the hatchet down early, then maybe not. Globally Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is sitting on $210m.

The Equalizer 2 (2,725 screens) slips 40% in weekend 3 for an $8.4m gross on a $3,083 screen average. What continues to amaze about this sequel is how like-for-like to the original it is. At the end of weekend 3 The Equalizer had grossed $79.86m, The Equallizer 2 has landed at $79.4m. This sequel won’t crack the $100m mark like its predecessor but it will go damn close with a $98m finish most likely. Globally, the film is nudging $90m.

Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation (3,162 screens) gobbles $8m for weekend 4, off 34% from last weekend, on a $2,530 screen average. With $136.2m in the tank and a stabilising weekly drop off, this is in fine shape to hit $160m+ before it finishes domestically and all I am waiting for is Sony Pictures to announce a fourth installment. Globally, the film has surpassed $300m. What a little winner!

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2,233 screens) takes $6.2m on a $2,777 screen average in weekend 5, off 29% from last weekend, to bring the domestic haul to $195.4m. Did the home entertainment release of Avengers: Infinity War spur this on to hold up so well? Either way, this will be the week where Ant-Man and the Wasp joins the $200m+ domestic box office club as it crosses $410m globally.

The Darkest Minds (3,127 screens) is an unmitigated disaster as it opens to $6m on a deathly $1,919 screen average. There’s no nice way to interpret that result for the teen dystopian fantasy film. It didn’t resonate at all. The $34m production was absolutely slammed by critics, badging it with an 18% rotten score with the consensus saying it’s a generic experience. Planned sequels for this series will be nixxed based on that result. Ouch!

Incredibles 2 (1,802 screens) sheds another 33% in weekend 8 for $4.8m on a $2,664 screen average. Note that screen average is actually higher than both Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation and The Darkest Minds so there is a bit of juice left in this gargantuan tank, kiddies. With $583m in the domestic kitty, this should be able to limp to a $600m+ finish now. WOW! Oh, and the film has crossed $1.01bn globally.

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (3,188 screens) collapses in weekend 2, dropping 56%, for a $4.6m gross on a $1,443 screen average. With $20.5m in the coffers thus far, the only good news is that this WB Animation only cost $10m to produce so the recoup will go close on theatrical. Still, it’s a disappointing result for the DC brand.

In Cinemas Friday 10 August, 2018 – Dog Days, The Meg, Slender Man, Blackkklansman

Figures from Deadline