Listen: ‘Time Is The Enemy’ by KØU & LaRossa

Former The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus member – Jon Wilkes, a platinum-selling artist with a significant experience and reputation in the music industry – launches a brand new project, aiming to expose a unique, innovative and distinguishable music profile in the current state of the music world, called KOU. The first chapter of KOU’s undoubtedly destined for success journey in the entertainment world is called “Time Is The Enemy”, the formation’s first single, which is clearly showcasing and presenting the experimental, mysterious and meaningful nature of the characteristics of this new project’s essence. Utilizing immersive layers of mysterious synth-driven pieces, genuine lyrics and subtle guitar melodies, “Time Is The Enemy” creates truly impressive soundscapes that permeate the overall composition, as the final product shines over a minimalistic electronic pulse before subtly building effectively to the chorus and escalating to an expected climax. Providing a sense of intensity and emotion through experimental electronic elements and atmospheric and alternative song construction that fits well in combination with the immersive overall look of the music, the general progression and development of the “Time Is The Enemy” is nothing short of monumental, and the momentous build up in the bridge of the track makes way for one more plunge into the fray, ultimately capturing a grand feel, further magnified by the exceptional visual presentation of the accompanying video, which proves that KOU’s end goal is to truly generate significant waves in the future and completely revolutionize the music world with its activity.

KOU provides further explanation regarding the single’s meaning and characteristics: “This song is about how we deal with love and loss. It was inspired by the movie “Interstellar”, where the main character is trying to get back to his daughter, no matter the cost and will not give up untill he sees her again. “Time Is The Enemy” is about this same idea of how time can tear us apart, but we can always find each other again by never giving up.