Listen: ‘Same’ by Overjoy

Overjoy is an LA-based electronic band dishing out breezy vibes, visceral percussion, and lush vocals that evoke a hazy sense of euphoria. The group, whose name brings reference to a peak flow-state of mind, creates dance music for the soul.

“We’re bringing an organic touch to our tracks in an effort to transcend the current one dimensional VST Sound” says Metty. “Computers do the recording, but it’s our use of live instruments that breathe life into the songs.”

Metty hails from a hip-hop beat and latin music background, with influences ranging from J Dilla to Brian Wilson. Hoff, a classically trained musician, cites the Beatles as his strongest influence. From the start, there was a rich, atmospheric quality to the sounds they made together: the marriage of Metty’s crunchy, raw percussion and Hoff’s melodic sensibility birthed a limitless energetic flow in the studio.

“It wasn’t until a vision quest in Topanga that Metty received the inspiration for the name Overjoy,” Hoff explains, “It makes reference to a heightened state of mind and elevated consciousness.” “The name appeared radiating & breathing, wrapped in vines, glowing almost like the neon sign in boogie nights,” muses Metty. There is both humor and beauty in the mystical way the name and the group were born; almost like they had no choice but to exist.

Months later, the duo found themselves mid-DJ set in Palm Springs, when, in a vivid “who is she?” moment, Alexis Moraites appeared styling an impromptu photoshoot in the reflection of Hoff’s sunglasses. There was instant chemistry between the three. Lex’s soaring vocals and seasoned songwriting abilities making her the perfect accompaniment.

Before long, Their debut 2015 EP “Breakfast”, released via Sweat It Out, was hailed by THUMP for its “addictive house rhythms, velvet synths, and superb lyrical work.” 2016 saw Overjoy unleashing their follow up EP “Another,” a more personal release: “The titular track strikes with a seductive tribal aesthetic, ‘Holiday’ follows with minimalism and ‘Gimme Your Love’ concludes with breezy euphoria,” wrote Dancing Astronaut on the release.

In 2017, Overjoy premiered their live show at Goldenvoice’s Southern California Splash House Festival, before self-releasing a couple of new singles in “Dragonfly” and “Women.” “Women,” heralded by Earmilk “as mesmerizing as it is evocative”, helped the band secure coveted Spotify playlistings & worldwide radio love from key tastemaker station KCRW.

2018 began with a sellout gig at Hollywood’s Peppermint Club as well as a new signing to LA band Kauf’s One/Half Records. This summer will see the release of Overjoy’s new EP “Same”, where the title tracks delivers swirling synths, emphatic bass, pristine percussion and a message we can all relate to.

Photo Credit Leonardo Volcy