Listen: ‘Del Mar’ by Adult Karate

Los Angeles producer, singer, and songwriter K.C. Maloney has released the title track off his first Adult Karate full length LP (due out this summer) entitled “Del Mar.” The track is available for streaming & purchase now on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Billboard claims it “runs the gamut from electropop to vintage new wave, dream pop and various electronic music flavors.”

“It just kind of happened one day where I was playing with some chords and stuff and I came up with the verse melody for i,” Maloney explains. “It came together pretty quickly; I think I finished the song and the movie for it in maybe about two days or so.”

Though he didn’t set out to write a concept album, Del Mar organically went that direction as the result of Maloney’s fascination and subsequent experimentation with various genres.  The result will effectively prevent anyone from pigeonholing Adult Karate. Even the most articulate will at best be able to describe it as a mix of pop sounds from the 80’s, post rock, and darker underground dance music. Maloney himself is at odds to pin down the specific “sound” of Del Mar. “I jump around with genres a lot on Del Mar which, artistically, excites me.  It was also challenging to keep it from becoming awkwardly fragmented, or completely schizophrenic.”

His ambitiousness not only works on Del Mar; it showcases his undeniable maturation as an artist. It’s a cohesive mixture of the sprawling, darker tones reminiscent of “Chased,” “Murderer,” & “LXII” from his first release (LXII), and the more succinct, buoyant feel of “From The Dust” and “Friction” from his second release (Indoors).

Lyrically and thematically, Del Mar is an exposition of Maloney’s past experiences including the years he spent battling heroin addiction, before getting sober in 2011. Waxing philosophical on subjects ranging from embracing nihilism, to guilt, sexuality, paranoia, and self-doubt, it’s lyrically as raw as Maloney has ever been.

Fans can expect more new music from Adult Karate in the coming months, including his debut LP, slated for release this summer. For more on Adult Karate, be sure to follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.