Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘Andrei Rublev’ Trailer

If you don’t know who Andrei Tarkovsky, it’s time you found out. He’s possibly Russia’s most revered film making talents responsible for such classic films as Stalker and Solaris. His second feature, 1966’s Andrei Rublev, has been restored for a cinematic re-release that may or may not hit our shores. It doesn’t matter, the trailer is worth your time and may it begin your exploration into Russian cinema if you’ve never journeyed to those lands before!

Synopsis: Tracing the life of a renowned icon painter, the second feature by Andrei Tarkovsky vividly conjures the murky world of medieval Russia. This dreamlike and remarkably tactile film follows Andrei Rublev as he passes through a series of poetically linked scenes-snow falls inside an unfinished church, naked pagans stream through a thicket during a torchlit ritual, a boy oversees the clearing away of muddy earth for the forging of a gigantic bell-gradually emerging as a man struggling mightily to preserve his creative and religious integrity. Appearing here in the director’s preferred 185-minute cut the masterwork Andrei Rublev is one of Tarkovsky’s most revered films, an arresting meditation on art, faith, and endurance.