Listen: ‘Graceville’ by Strangely Enough

Having made a strong impact on debut at the end of 2017, Strangely Enough returns in genre bending, electronic-rock form with the new, synth-heavy single ‘Graceville’.

October 2017 saw the first release from this new project, founded by multi-instrumentalist, Greg Olley. The single ‘Change’ highlighted the eclectic tastes and styles traversed by Strangely Enough.

Following the same course, this second single ‘Graceville’ is about “a vain search for utopia” as stated by Greg Olley, and lends a hand in creating a compelling and freeing atmosphere that allows space for self-discovery and the feeling of transcendence.

Olley emanates this euphoric sensation with the use of shimmeringly ominous synths, bright strings, running bass lines and grounded drums, all of which coalesce into an ocean of waves, pushing and pulling with its polyrhythmic beauty.

Coming in over this sonic meeting place of vivid instrumental-layering are Greg Olley’s, graciously-sweet vocal tones and erupting cries that exude passion and peace to heartache and sorrow.

This first follow-up release since Strangely Enough’s debut undoubtedly shows clear signs of maturity, growth and an understanding of self as Olley journeys through life. After all, this song was as stated by Olley:

“Born on the Ghan – the train between Darwin and Adelaide somewhere between Katherine and the middle of nowhere – ‘Graceville’, after dozens of iterations, was finalised in the front room of an old Queenslander with grand, high roofs, funnily enough in the Brisbane suburb, Graceville.”

Strangely Enough will be gracing the stage to launch this new single at Brisbane’s The Bearded Lady on the 7th of July. 

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