U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 15 – Sun 17 June, 2018

Well ain’t that just incredible? It sure is when it comes to Incredibles 2 (4,410 screens) and its astounding opening of $180m on a whopping $40,816 screen average. It’s the biggest opening weekend for a Pixar film of all time, and the 7th biggest opening weekend for a Disney film of all time, just passing Captain America: Civil War‘s $179.1m. It’s also 155.3% up on 2004’s original The Incredibles’ $70.5m opening weekend and will completely outgross Solo: A Star Wars Story by Wednesday. So, babycakes, let the good times roll down in Pixar Town. It also marks Brad Bird’s highest grossing opening ever and, by this time next week, Incredibles 2 will become his highest grossing film of all time.

Critics were enamoured by the return, scoring the film a 94% Fresh, whilst audiences loved it, too, rewarding an A+ Cinemascore. That means bonza word of mouth, which it will need as it goes head to head with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this coming weekend.

There’s really nothing stopping Incredibles 2 cracking $500m domestically in the United States and, if it can do that, it will claim #8 all time grosser for Disney and the #1 grosser for Pixar.

Ocean’s 8 (4,145 screens) plummets 52% in weekend 2 for a $20.1m gross on a $4,849 screen average to bring the domestic haul to $79.7m. That’s a much sharper drop into weekend 2 than hoped but the good news is that the film is playing through the weekdays (around $20m) so that should keep the film in play for another $60m in box office receipts. That will put the final flag in the $130-$140m range domestically, making in the 2nd highest grosser in the franchise behind the original Ocean’s 11 that took $183m.

Tag (3,382 screens) opens to $14.3m on a $4,228 screen average. I think this is a pretty great result considering how out-of-the-blue this release is. On a $28m budget, the film looks to hit around $30m as a domestic finish and is the next in the long line of comedy fare that have come into cinemas this year alongside Game Night, Life of the Party, Blockers, I Feel Pretty, and Overboard. Reviewers were ho-hum with Tag, landing it on 56% rotten, which will mean that word of mouth from audiences will be essential in keeping it going. I’m still amazed at the opening as, honestly, I didn’t even know this existed 2 weeks ago! 🙂

Solo: A Star Wars Story (3,182 screens) consumes $9.1m for weekend 4 on a $2,860 screen average. Falling 42% from weekend 3, the film has now posted $192.8m domestically as it sidles its way to a $210m finish. Globally, this film has hit $340m for the rumoured $250m budgeted production. Yep, this one is going to sting on the back end people. With the imminent arrival of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom alongside that weak screen average, longevity prospects look pretty slight.

Deadpool 2 (3,212 screens) drops 38% in weekend 5 for an $8.8m on a $2,740 screen average. Nudging $294.7m, this will be the week where Wade Wilson and his mates cross $300m domestically,  as it shores up the final finish line of $310m. If Deadpool 2 finishes there, it’ll be $53m off the pace (-14.61%) from the original film’s $363m bounty. Globally, the film has smashed passed $680m on its way to a $720m finish, some $63m off the original’s $783m global gross (-8%). Still, it’s a megahit!

Hereditary (2,998 screens) drops 49% in weekend 2 for a $6.9m gross on a very modest $2,302 screen average. All things considered, that’s a pretty good hold given the audience drubbing of the film, the usual week 2 drop offs of genre films, and the heavily competitive market it is playing in. With $27m in the kitty thus far, this $10m production also marks A24s 3rd highest grossing film of all time currently, behind Moonlight‘s $27.8m and Lady Bird’s $49m. Hereditary won’t pip Lady Bird for the throne but should come in around the $35-$40m mark domestically.

Superfly (2,220 screens) fizzles on opening with $5.7m on a $2,568 screen average. It’s a hugely competitive market out there for the $16m budgeted production to bow into given the 4 quadrant dominating Incredibles 2, a sassy heist bonanza of Ocean’s 8, and the boysy action comedy of Tag to contend with. Sure, this is targeting the African American Diaspora & sentimental Blaxploitation recognition more directly, but the film just couldn’t get enough cut through to drive its prospects to good fortune. Critics were so-so on it with a posted 54% rotten score, and given how modest the opening weekend was, Superfly looks to come in at around $15m.

Avengers: Infinity War (2,164 screens) drops 22% in weekend 8 for a $5.6m haul on a $2,588 screen average. With $664.5m in the domestic bank and a $680m finish line, there’ll be no complaining about that result especially when you consider that globally the film has taken $2.02bn so far and claiming the 4th highest grossing film of all time.

Adrift (1,929 screens) washes up $2.1m in weekend 3 on a $1,089 screen average. With $26.8m in the kitty, this window dressing week will end with the screen stomping Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom coming in to claim them. On a $35m budget, this has been a disappointment for STX Entertainment, with international sales and home entertainment prospects hopefully working some magic to bring the production into the black.

Book Club (1,656 screens) gobbles $1.95m in weekend 5 on a $1,178 screen average. With $62m in the kitty so far, sure, this isn’t (and has never been) a massive weekend grosser but during the weekdays is where Book Club has been making consistent bank. It’ll fall out of the top ten now, sure, but this will kick on for a few weeks more and should come in around the $70m mark.

Race 3 (320 screens) smashes $1.93m on opening to post a $6,031 screen average. The Indian actioner was solid, if unremarkable, on its U.S. domestic bow. Critics hated it, slamming it with 13% rotten and citing that this should be where the franchise ends. Ouch!

Gotti (503 screens), the much hyped John Travolta passion project, absolutely spluttered on opening with a $1.8m on a $3,578 screen average. What’s most impressive about this is that the film has earned 2018’s first 0% rotten score. Everyone, and I mean everyone, hated it. All over for $6m.

In Cinemas Friday 22 June, 2018 – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Boundaries

Figures from Deadline