U.S. Weekend Box Office Fri 8 – Sun 10 June, 2018

It’s all about dem gurlz, dem, gurlz, dem starry gurlz as Ocean’s 8 (4,145 screens) storms into pole position with $42m on a $10,128 screen average. That’s the best opening weekend of all the films in the franchise (Sorry, George, the girls gotya beat) and means good things for WB/VRP and their planned trilogy of films here. It’s also a perfectly placed piece of counter-programming against a wall of tentpole male skew action/fantasy films. On a $70m budget, the film is looking at a $130m+ finish (maybe more) given the Cinemascore is hitting an A, it’ll mean strong word of mouth to carry it through even though critics have it at 68% fresh (good but insubstantial).  Mind you, the Ocean’s films critical scores were Ocean’s Eleven – 80%, Ocean’s Twelve – 54%, Ocean’s Thirteen – 70%, so this puppy is tracking right on the median of the franchise. Let’s just wait for the sequel announcement which will come any day now.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (4,335 screens) drops 51% in weekend 3 for a $14.3m take sporting a $3,299 screen average. With $175.2m in the domestic kitty and $300m in global ticket sales for the $250m production, Solo is slowing down much faster than anticipated and is about to meet some massive competition in the form of The Incredibles 2 which bows on Friday.  $210m finish domestically.

Hereditary (2,964 screens) opens modestly to $13.7m on a $4,622 screen average. This independent horror sensation, which sports a $10m production budget, benefited from a sensational pre-release critical reaction which monikered it as the scariest movie since forever and a day whilst deftly misdirecting audiences as to what the film was focusing on. The result is a good opening but check this out – Critics loved it, awarding it with 93% fresh, whilst audiences hated it rewarding it with a D+ cinemascore. Why? Because the marketing and campaign for the film is not what the movie is. Hereditary is also fabulously art house leaning, so the mainstream audience clearly didn’t respond to the quirkiness of the film. Audiences went in expecting The Exorcist’s Paranormal Scream on Halloween. Audiences got dysfunctional family psychodrama with lashings of the supernatural. Because of this, Hereditary will collapse next week and this will be all over for $28m. A24 should recoup costs (or go close), but it’s not the horror hit of, like, everything ever as everyone hoped.

Deadpool 2 (3,823 screens) drops 45% in weekend 4 for a $12.8m take on a $3,348 screen average. With $277.8m in the can and $640m in global coinage, It’s $85m shy of the original’s $363m domestic bow yet, on a production budget of $110m, Deadpool 2 is still a bona fide mega hit. It’ll only be a matter of time before Deadpool 3 gets announced, which will no doubt be framed around Ryan Reynolds getting a $50m payday plus points in the back end, in the meantime, Deadpool 2 looks to finish its bullet ridden run around $310m.

Avengers: Infinity War (2,882 screens) takes $6.8m in weekend 7, off 35%, to bring the gross to $654.7m. With a screen average of $2,359, the show is almost over for this entry and it’ll finish up on $670m. As predicted, domestically, it’ll be Black Panther that remains king of 2018. Irrespective, this is still a juggernaut of a result and is the highest grossing Avengers film of all time.

Adrift (3,015 screens) sheds 59% of its business in weekend 2 to gross $4.8m on a deathly $1,592 screen average. With $21.4m in the kitty, a $28m finish is most likely as that screen count, which most likely won’t drop much in its 3rd weekend coming, it’ll have its sessions absolutely decimated. The culprit here is that pesky Ocean’s 8, which came in and took this bulk of the female audience that Adrift speaks to.

Book Club (2,802 screens) nabs $4.7m in weekend 4, off 37% from last week, on a deathly $1,677 screen average. Yet, here’s the kicker on a pic like this, Book Club makes solid bank through the weekdays as it is drawing out the oldies and retirees. That’s why the domestic gross is at a hefty $57.1m even when its weekend trade has been $13m, $10m, $7m, and $4.7m. It’s chewing up $1m in box office during the weekdays which, for a majority of the mainstayers out of holidays, is a number much harder to reach. This will hit $75m.

Hotel Artemis (2,407 screens) bombs on opening with $3m on a disastrous $1,246 screen average. I still have no idea why this film exists? Why you would release in such a competitive frame? Why you would go out against Hereditary or Ocean’s 8? Or, Why does this film even exist? (Oh, I said that already). This John Wick knock off came with a $15m production price tag and didn’t win a lot of favour with critics who gave it 58% rotten (it’s ok, but totally disposable) and, given that opening weekend, audiences won’t be big enough to spread the word, either. This will be all over for $10m.

Upgrade (1,458 screens) collapses in weekend 2, dropping 60%, for a $1.85m gross on a $1,269 screen average. With $8.8m in the kitty and a $12m finish line most likely, the film was devastated this weekend by duel hits of Hereditary and Hotel Artemis. Breaks my heart but here’s to hoping the Australian release this Thursday can see the movie, which was shot here, smash pro rata and turn a solid box office.

Life of the Party (1,842 screens) takes $1.75m in weekend 5 to bring the gross to $49.9m on a $951 screen average. It’s window dressing, we know this, and this will vanish from Friday to make way for the newbies.

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Figures from Deadline