Listen: ‘Rock & Roll is Dead’ by Port Royal

Port Royal have already embarked on their massive 15-date interstate ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ single tour and are now releasing their thrilling, teeth sinking music video (directed and produced by Julian Squared) – 

Playing on the title ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’, this coven of undead Royals congregate in their Vampire lair where the thirst to feed their hunger subjugates them. They send out invitations to mortals unwittingly inviting a slayer (actor Mallory Kate) who is out on the hunt.

On her entrance, the alpha Vampire (Lawson Doyle) with an overwhelming bloodlust is lured towards her by her mysterious and misleading essence. She draws a stake from her raiment and brings hell to earth and these undead Royals go up in flames.

Filmed inside Brisbane’s Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall – where Port Royal will be playing their launch show on Friday, June 1 – the music video utilises the art of both cinematography and animation.

For the clip to completely convey the story, the production crew made full use of the skills of this creative animation team. Adding in glowing eyes, bats and flames, the team used their craft to add a visually appealing, light-hearted and comical touch without taking away the tenebrosity of the concept.

Coinciding perfectly with the ironic message, the bustling anthemic choruses, beseeching rock & roll licks and a barrage of hits, this music video is an explicit protest that rock & roll is not dead, at least not while Port Royal are in the picture.

Port Royal still have a slew of shows left on their ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ tour.

‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ Tour Information

Links to more tour information here

Saturday June 2 – Miami Shark Bar. Gold Coast

Saturday June 9 – Solbar. Sunshine Coast 

photo credit: Will Johnstone