U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 18 – Sun 20 May, 2018

There was no doubt that the Merc with a Mouth was going to charge into the box office, that Deadpool 2 (4,349 screens) did it and shattered the R Rated opening day box office record is another feather in the cap for its debut. Consuming $132.1m for the weekend, the film shattered the opening day record by earning $53.3m on Friday alone, David Leitch’s follow up earned a $30,375 screen average for its efforts.

Despite that stellar opening, the sequel is virtually like for like on the 2016 original’s $132.4m opening weekend (-.23%). Of course, once the dust settles tomorrow, DP2 should push past the original’s opening weekend but you wouldn’t have been in the wrong boat had you thought the sequel was set to smash the original’s opening weekend. Another factor to throw in here is that the original Deadpool cost $58m to produce whilst the sequel is almost double that on $110m.

Critically, the film was well received, posting an 84% fresh score, and an A Cinemascore from audiences. From a domestic point of view, Deadpool 2 has been released in the summer frame, which means it faces much heftier competition than the original film’s February dead zone – especially in consideration that Solo – A Star Wars Story rolls out this Friday and will gut the rush out audience of Deadpool 2 to the tune of around 60%. If that cannibalisation sounds vicious, just take a look at how Deadpool 2 gutted Avengers: Infinity War below. That will play into long term prospects and is aiming at a $300m top end gross from here and won’t hit the heights of the original Deadpool’s $363m domestic haul.

Internationally will be where the gravy is made on Deadpool 2, with a much stronger awareness currency in other territories, it should push the sequel’s total global gross into the $850m region.

Avengers: Infinity War (4,002 screens) cops a beating from Deadpool 2 as it plummets 54% in weekend 4 for a $28.2m bank on a $7,046 screen average. With $594.6m in the kitty domestically thus far, that redresses the final line domestically and positions this puppy in the $695m range which, if that is how this plays out, means that Black Panther will remain the king of the box office crown for 2018 with $697m. Add to that, the coming release of Solo: A Star Wars Story this Friday an Avengers: Infinity War is set for another beat down from its own parent company.  Globally, the film has sailed to $1.75bn with 65% of the business coming from outside the United States.

Book Club (2,781 screens) disappoints on opening with $13.4m on a $4,818 screen average. Counter programmed yet placed in a now over-saturated femme skew comedy market (albeit this one plays to the older rich white Republican women set) joining Life of the Party, Overboard, and I Feel Pretty. The film drew middling reactions from critics who posted a 59% rotten score. In line with the recent release Overboard, this Book Club has a finish line set in the sub $40m range.

Life of the Party (3,656 screens) fell over in weekend 2, dropping 57%, to gross $7.6m on a deathly $2,079 screen average. A few factors play into this recession, Book Club releasing and taking the gaze of the older white women set, Deadpool 2 absorbing some of this audience, and the fact that word of mouth is dormant. With $30.9m in the can to date, this is going to tap out at around $40m domestically. Australia is performing line ball with the U.S. on this, sitting at $3m domestically.

Breaking In (2,537 screens) behaves exactly like a b movie genre piece and plummets 63% in week 2 (Deadpool 2 would be playing into this result, too) for a $6.4m grab on a $2,523 screen average. Still, this $6m production has generated $28.7m at the U.S. Box Office so it is more than working in the black now and, moreover, has reinstated Gabrielle Union as an up and coming star. $35 finish.

Show Dogs (3,212 screens) bombs spectacularly on opening with $5.3m on a $1,650 screen average. Raja Gosnell’s (Cats & Dogs, Scooby Doo) return to talking CGI animal movies also drew the ire of critics who slammed it with a 28% rotten score. This independent release, distributed through Global Road (Midnight Sun), garnered zero traction in the market place from families and is currently positioned to finish up on $15m. Given the school holidays haven’t started (June 14), are they just throwing this away to get it onto home entertainment for Spring?

Overboard (1,820 screens) gobbles $4.6m in weekend 3 on a $2,527 screen average to bring the domestic haul to $36.9m. With a $45m top end finish in sight, it’s an o.k. performance for the remake in a year where solid comedies have turned in average results. Game Night ($69m), Blockers ($57m), I Feel Pretty ($50m), Overboard ($45m), Life of the Party ($40m), and Book Club ($38m).

A Quiet Place (2,327 screens) rolls through its 7th weekend, taking $3.8m on a $1,633 screen average to bring the domestic haul to $176m. That’s 41% off last weekend but it doesn’t matter now as the $17m production is a bona fide mega hit with $280m in global ticket sales. We all know a sequel is on the way so there’ll be more ‘lip-syncing in silence for your life’ to come!

Rampage (1,466 screens) greets its sixth and final weekend in cinemas with a $1.37m take on a $935 screen average to bring the domestic haul to $92.3m.  With $404m in global grosses, this $120m production might just have clawed itself perilously close to breaking even theatrically with home entertainment assuring it will be a profitable endeavour for Warner Bros. Insert collective sigh of relief for all parties involved.

RBG (375 screens) makes its first appearance in the top ten after 3 weekends of release for a $1.2m weekend on a $3,200 screen average. The documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsberg has had somewhat of a sumptuous limited slow burn on the back of sterling reviews as it sits on 93% fresh score. With $3.8m in the kitty, this should be able to meander its way to a $6m finish.

I Feel Pretty (1,505 screens) sends off its final weekend with a $1.18m gross on a $784 screen average. With $46.4m in the kitty, it might just limp to finish on $50m, which would be great, but it’ll get demolished from screens this week to make way for new product. Still, the box office hero of this film is Australia which has taken near $8m domestically with I Feel Pretty, a 17% pro-rata score.

In Cinemas Friday May 26, 2018 – Solo: A Star Wars Story, Feral, Mary Shelley, How To Talk To Girls At Parties

Figures from Deadline