The Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) and the Premios Platino del Cine Iberoamericano Awards (The Platino Awards) today announced an Awards Alliance between the two prestigious organisations and their respective regions, encompassing a total of 93 countries and areas across five continents.

The Awards Alliance between APSA and The Platino Awards will see the organizations join forces, providing a stronger platform to support and promote to a global audience the outstanding cinematic works from the Asia Pacific and Ibero-America regions.

With a shared awareness of the cultural and economic importance of the screen industry, the alliance will serve to connect the regions of Asia Pacific and Ibero-America through cinema, broadening the market appeal and distribution of screen projects and thereby developing a greater understanding of the region’s myriad cultures.

The initiative, which aims is to strengthen ties and develop greater cultural understanding between Latin America and the Australia-based initiative APSA, was made possible through a grant from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR).

One of the key elements of the agreement is to foster dialogue and development between filmmakers by providing opportunities for Asia Pacific and Ibero-American filmmakers to connect through masterclasses, panels and interactive sessions.

In November 2017, Executive Director of EGEDA and The Platino Awards, Miguel Angel Benzal, participated in the 11TH APSA ceremony that took place in Brisbane, Australia. Mr. Benzal said “One of the main objectives of the Platino Awards is to build bridges with audiovisual industries beyond the borders of Ibero-America. The agreement signed with APSA reaffirms that goal and makes it a reality with the best partner we could ask for in Asia-Pacific, which is such an important region.

The Platino Awards and the Asia Pacific Screen Awards are natural allies.  Both organizations share the same objectives and spirit of promoting their film industries in areas with great potential and similar development. This agreement represents a connection and a synergy between both markets.”

This week, APSA Lead Jaclyn McLendon will attend the 5th Platino Awards and participate in the EGEDA / FIPCA Annual Forum of the Ibero-American film industry. She said “The Asia Pacific Screen Awards were created to acknowledge, support and promote the cinematic excellence and cultural diversity of the Asia Pacific region. Thanks to the support of DFAT through a COALAR grant, it is an honour to now forge this Awards Alliance with the prestigious Platino Awards, an organisation with which APSA has so much in common.

We look forward to growing a reciprocal and collaborative relationship with The Platino Awards that will strengthen international ties and understanding, through cinema, of both the Asia Pacific and Ibero America and for the benefit of filmmakers and audiences.”

Both organisations are committed to showcasing the exceptional films from their regions through screenings and events across various platforms. Working with the embassies and key partners across their respective regions, these events will ensure the films reach a wider global audience.

The first actions that launched as a result of the agreement are:

  • In a reciprocal collaboration, The Platino Awards will appoint a Jury member from the Asia Pacific for the sixth edition of The Platino Awards in 2019, and a filmmaker from the Ibero-America region will be appointed to the 12th APSA International Jury in November 2018.
  • APSA Awards and The Platino Awards will actively participate in the dissemination and promotion of both awards through their respective networks to ensure greater visibility and knowledge of the awards, and the films and filmmakers they celebrate.


The Platino Awards were created in 2014 at the initiative of EGEDA (Entity of Management of Rights of Audiovisual Producers) with FIPCA (Ibero-American Federation of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Producers) and with the support of the Ibero-American Film Academies, Latin Artist and Aisge Foundation.They gather annually the best of cinematography and the audiovisual sector of Ibero-America. This year the fifth edition will be held in the Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo, Mexico on 29 April, 2018.Previous editions have been held in Panama (2014) Marbella (2015) Punta del Este (2016) and Madrid (2017). ASIA PACIFIC SCREEN AWARDS

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards, now in their 12th year, are the region’s highest accolade in film. APSA recognises and promotes cinematic excellence and cultural diversity of the world’s fastest-growing film region: comprising 70 countries and areas, 4.5 billion people, and responsible for half of the world’s film output.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, the awards are supported by Brisbane City Council and managed by its economic development board, Brisbane Marketing. APSA has the privilege of a unique collaboration with Paris-based UNESCO and FIAPF-International Federation of Film Producers Associations.

APSA and its Academy are also committed to ongoing existing collaborations with the European Film Academy (EFA), the Motion Picture Association (MPA), NETPAC (the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema), the Asia Pacific Screen Lab (APSL) and Griffith Film School and now the Premios Platino del Cine Iberoamericano (The Platino Awards).

The 2018 awards ceremony will be held in Brisbane on 29 November, 2018.