Listen: ‘Don’t Say Much’ by Sometimes Sonny

Combining honest lyricism with breezy alt-rock arrangements, Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Sometime Sonny has captured the vibes of his favourite coastal breaks and an uncomfortable party experience in his new short ‘n sweet slacker-rock single “​Don’t Say Much​”.
Fast facts about new single “​Don’t Say Much​” and Sometime Sonny:
● “Don’t Say Much” was written in only 20 minutes, after coming home from an uncomfortable
situation at a friend’s house party
● Acclaimed Brisbane indie artists Alex L’Estrange and Hugh Middleton (Mid Ayr) produced and mixed the single in their basement, dubbed the ‘Luv Basement Studio’
● His debut single “Wasted On Me” was played by Triple J within 24 hours of being uploaded to Unearthed, well before he even had a chance to share it with the blogosphere
● The music videos for “Like Everybody Else” and “Wasted On Me” were filmed and edited by Sometime Sonny, shot on a friend’s vintage VCR camera in his Brisbane share house Sounds Like:​ Mac DeMarco, Sticky Fingers, Dope Lemon, Tobias Jesso Jr.

In early 2016, after years of playing in bands and learning from acclaimed local indie musos, Brisbane singer-songwriter Dave Campbell set about writing music for a solo project which would eventually become ‘Sometime Sonny’. Influenced by a collection of artists including Sticky Fingers, The Strokes,
Tobias Jesso Jr, and DMA’s, Campbell quickly wrote enough material for his self-titled debut EP.
Enlisting the help of mentor-turned-friend Hugh Middleton (Mid Ayr), Campbell artfully recorded the 4-track EP, somewhat illegally, in a Brisbane concert hall during the early hours of the morning. Campbell then passed the tracks to fellow Brisbane muso Alex L’Estrange to mix in his DIY home studio, dubbed the ‘Luv Basement Studio’.

Finally, the EP was polished and mastered by Melbourne-based engineer Matthew Redlich (Emma Louise, Ball Park Music, Holy Holy, Hungry Kids of Hungary), and released to the world in July 2017. Campbell says the EP recounts the tantalising tales of a ‘commitaphobe’ living in Brisbane’s eastern
suburbs, spearheaded by the seducingly melancholic single “Wasted On Me”.

Fast Facts about Sometime Sonny:
● While Campbell plays most of the instruments in the studio, his live band is made up of close friends and band members from Mid Ayr and The Jensens
● Campbell is one of Australia’s biggest Seinfeld nerds – a glorious portrait of Kramer can be seen towards the end of the “Wasted On Me” music video
Penning lyrics from his experiences of begrudgingly growing into adulthood, Campbell wrote his latest single “Don’t Say Much” in only 20 minutes after attending one of his friend’s parties without any prior connection with anyone else on the guest list.
“I went over to a mate’s house party and I had that horrible feeling in my stomach where you don’t know anyone except for the person who invited you. I clung onto him for a bit and tried to join his conversation with friends. But you don’t want to be that guy all night, so I decided to go talk to a bunch of people I didn’t know,” says Campbell.
“They turned out to be super lovely, but all I could think to say was ‘hello’. It was like I froze in the moment of vulnerability, I was that quiet boy on the side saying nothing.”
Filmed with a borrowed VCR camera, the music video for previous single “Like Everybody Else” follows a dozen young men – including Campbell – as they go through their morning routine ahead of another day at work.
In a turn of events that all office workers only dream of, the fed-up men take a baseball bat to an old cupboard before ceremoniously burning their work documents in the backyard in a fiery release from boredom and monotony.
“The video portrays the notion that we’re just ‘like everybody else’ in regards to going to work all day, coming home, and then doing it all again the next day. I thought it would be cool if there were alternative copies of me getting ready for work and engaging in the same activities and then rebelling against the ‘working for the weekend’ mentality that seems to take over as you grow older.”
Over the next couple of months Campbell will continue to release new music ahead of the debut live shows with his full band, Sometime Sonny.
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