U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 13 – Sun 15 April, 2018

The U.S. box office retained its chugging power over the weekend and, in doing so, handed Warner Bros what would be a nice surprise as Rampage (4,101 screens) looks set to take the top spot with $34.6m on an $8,437 screen average. Though it really is too close to call between this and A Quiet Place, Warner Bros took a gamble by moving Rampage out of a U.S. Summer tentpole position in May to here (also, to avoid Avengers: Infinity War). It’s a gamble as it lessens the opportunity for a big opening weekend and, coming off the back of Tomb Raider‘s disappointing run, the studio would have been bracing for a less than stellar opening on this game adaptation. All fingers will be pointing to the star power of Dwayne Johnson as gathering such a decent opening for the $120m production – especially coming off the back of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and its gargantuan box office haul of $404m. With a 50% rotten critical score, which ranks as possibly the highest result for any game adaptation, Rampage got away fairly unscathed and should be able to see its way to a $100m+ result.

Speaking of $100m+ results, after 2 weeks in trade and nabbing $34.3m in its second weekend, A Quiet Place (3,589 screens) has crossed $101.3m domestically. Off only 32% from week 1, there’s still a chance this could pip Rampage at the post today and remain atop the box office for a 2nd turn. What a performance. And think about this, this week will be the one where it will outgross Ready Player One – a film that cost more than 10 times the amount of money to produce at $175m (A Quiet Place cost $17m) – and will now be almost atop the rankings as the most profitable release of the year domestically (though that crown is surely owned by I Can Only Imagine). $170m.

Truth or Dare (3,029 screens) opens solidly to $19.69m on a $6,500 screen average amid some of the worst reviews for a Blumhouse film in years with a stinking 15% rotten score. Yet, when your production budget is $3.5m and the P&A wouldn’t be much more, the film is already turning a profit for Universal/Blumhouse. Comparatively, Happy Death Day opened to $26m and went onto $55m domestically, with this one’s fortunes residing in the low $40m+ range.

Ready Player One (3,661 screens) brings in another $11m in weekend 3, off 54%, to bring the total gross to $114.4m domestically. With a $3,005 screen average, things are shoring up for Steven Spielberg’s latest as the summer tentpoles loom, and the finish line looks ever so much in the $140m domestic line. Globally, the film is sitting on $410m with a finish line in the $470m vicinity. China is massive with Ready Player One, accounting for circa $170m of the international gross outside the U.S.

Blockers (3,418 screens) slips by 50% in weekend 2 for a $10.3m gross on a $3,013 screen average. It’s a disappointing drop in week 2 given how strong the word of mouth and how deserving the film is to earn an audience. It’s Game Night all over again. With $36.9m in the can thus far, a $70m finish is most likely here with all hopes going for the film to stabilise its business and just trek along for the next few weeks into the summer frame. The question will be: How much of this audience will I Feel Pretty consume when it opens on Friday?

Black Panther (2,180 screens) takes $5.4m in weekend 9 to bring the domestic haul to $673.8m. Wowsers. Yeah, the fire is all about Avengers: Infinity War being the biggest film of the year and the biggest preseller ever but, man, that $673.8m target to be is no small order. That will require Avengers: Infinity War to get repeat viewings out of punters and no Avengers film has topped $624m in its full life so Black Panther has every chance of reigning supreme this year! $690m finish.

Isle of Dogs (1,939 screens) expands wide and takes $4.8m on a soft $2,476 screen average. Too wide too soon? What a disappointing expansion given how strongly it was performing on limited release. Is the film too highbrow for general audiences? Maybe, though my money is that the family audience went to Rampage (aka the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle audience) instead of trotting the kids off to see this. With $18.3m in the kitty so far, $30m looks like the finish line here.

I Can Only Imagine (2,563 screens) slips 49% in week 5 for a $4m take on a $1,561 screen average. With $75.1m in the kitty on this $7m production, it’s easily the most profitable release of the year, the highest performing independent release of the year and proof there’s millions to be made in the religious market.

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (1,332 screens) takes $3.7m in weekend 3, off 55%, to bring the gross to $37.8m. Sporting a $2,778 screen average for the weekend, that’ll be just enough to keep it playing another week in some form or another but this marks Tyler Perry’s worst performing film since 2014’s The Single Moms Club took $16m. The sting in this one’s tale is that Acrimony is also one of Perry’s more expensive films with a production budget of $20m.

Chappaquiddick (1,645 screens) slips 48% in weekend 2 for a $2.9m gross on a $1,763 screen average. WIth $10.9m in the kitty, a finish line of $14m is most likely from here. Despite the great reviews and strong word of mouth, John Curran’s flick just couldn’t hold court with the onslaught of wide releases opening on top of it.

In Cinemas Friday 20 April, 2018 – I Feel Pretty, Super Troopers 2, Traffik

Figures from Deadline

1. RAMPAGE (WB) – 4,101 screens – $34.6m – Week 1

2. A QUIET PLACE (PAR) – 3,589 screens – $34.3m (-32%) – $101.3m – Week 2

3. TRUTH OR DARE (UNI) – 3,029 screens – $19.69m – Week 1

4. READY PLAYER ONE (WB/VRP) – 3,661 screens – $11m (-54%) – $114.4m – Week 3

5. BLOCKERS (UNI) – 3,418 screens – $10.3m (-50%) – $36.9m – Week 2

6. BLACK PANTHER (DIS) – 2,180 screens – $5.4m (-38%) – $673.8m – Week 9

7. ISLE OF DOGS (FOX) – 1,939 screens – $4.8m (+7%) – $18.3m – Week 4

8. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE (ROA) – 2,563 screens – $4m (-49%) – $75.1m – Week 5

9. ACRIMONY (LG) – 1,332 screens – $3.7m (-55%) – $37.8m – Week 3

10. CHAPPAQUIDDICK (ENT) – 1,645 screens – $2.9m (-48%) – $10.9m – Week 2