German Film Festival Returns in May 2018!


Palace Cinemas is pleased to announce the German Film Festival will be back in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide under new leadership and with some exciting changes.

After a break last year, German-made and co-produced films will return in a nationwide festival to Australian cinemas. With the support of German Films (the national information and advisory centre for the promotion of German films worldwide) and the Goethe-Institut, Palace will give the 15-year- old German Film Festival a fresh start in 2018.

Executive Chairman of Palace Cinemas Antonio Zeccola said of the new festival: “German cinema is very strong and vital. It was inconceivable to me that new films from one of Europe’s most prolific filmmaking nations would not have its own dedicated event, so we have curated a fine selection of German productions for our audiences nationally in collaboration with German Films and Goethe-Institut. All films will be Australian premieres.”

Managing Director of German Films, Mariette Riessenbeek said: “It is wonderful for the festival to be able to live on in this form and we look forward to working with Palace to present the best cinema and talent our country has to offer.”

The Goethe-Institut welcomed the decision and will contribute as a cultural partner with a program especially dedicated to children and teens. Director Sonja Griegoschewski said: “We are happy to hand over to Palace Cinemas. We worked together for fifteen years so we know they share our love of German cinema, plus they have the experience, expertise and infrastructure to run such a festival. We will continue to support the festival through the school screenings sidebar ‘Kino for Kids’ which will be a five-film feast for young audiences.”

The selection of films and more programme details will be announced shortly.

Listing details: German Film Festival 2018

Sydney: 22 May – 5 June, Palace Norton Street, Chauvel Cinema
Canberra: 23 May – 6 June, Palace Electric Cinema
Melbourne: 24 May – 6 June, Palace Cinema Como, The Kino Cinemas Brisbane: 31 May – 10 June, Palace Centro
Adelaide: 30 May – 10 June, Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas