Yianni Agisilaou Returns to MICF 2018!


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Fresh from his stand-up comedy special for ABC TV with his award nominated show Pockets of Equality, Yianni and his trademark accessibly smart comedy hits the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a light-hearted look at the upcoming apocalypse.

From suggesting shows on Netflix, tailoring news and ads for you and in myriad places you’re not even aware of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly embedded in our lives.

But far from being a mere ‘You-might-like-this’ internet trinket, AI can also diagnose cancer, drive cars and predict from a photo whether people are criminal or gay (regardless of who’s asking and why). And these abilities are still very much just the beginning.

A growing school of thinkers are demanding that alongside its abilities, we teach it ethics. Can we teach a robot to love humanity? And how hard will that be considering in many ways we still can’t do it ourselves?

A keenly observed but playful hour about futures, possible and desirable, and what trying to replicate our best and mitigate our worst traits teaches us about what it is to be human.

“I’m exploring the human effects of technology. AI soaks up prejudices faster than a curious child with bad parents – and we’re already putting it in charge of decisions that impact people’s lives. Do smartphones and social media ruin our social skills? Does training a chatbot on Twitter turn it into a douchebag? Microsoft found out with its chatbot Tay, that it really, really does. After Tay variously claimed Bush was responsible for 9/11, called a high profile blogger a whore, and compared Ricky Gervais to Hitler, Microsoft took Tay offline for some serious time out. This whole area is fascinating.” – Yianni Agisilaou

 Yianni Agisilaou: Teaching a Robot to Love
Venue: The Greek Centre (Aphrodite)
Dates: Previews 29 & 30 March 2018; Season 31st March – 22 April 2018
Times8:30pm (60 mins duration)
Tickets: Previews $22; Adult $27; Conc $23; Groups 4+ $25; Tight Tuesday $22
All bookings through www.comedyfestival.com.au


Originally from Melbourne, London-based Yianni Agisilaou (pron. AJ-ISS-AH-LOW) is a regular headliner around the world. See a sample of his freshly commissioned stand up comedy special on ABC from his award-nominated show Pockets of Equality. He has been a guest contributor to news.com.au and was featured on Nova Radio and Radio National’s Life Matters, for his smash hit show The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know which recently toured across the UK.

His previous shows have examined topics as varied as gender equality, quantum physics, how and when jokes become offensive; his experience being diagnosed as mildly autistic at the age of 33.3 (recurring) and booking the largest venue in Edinburgh for his show about ambition.
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Image credit Richard Grebby Photogrphy