Shit-faced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
 Hits MICF 2018!


The smash-hit, internationally acclaimed, award-winning, multi sell-out Fringe legends are coming to the Coopers’ Malthouse with the Bard’s most beloved play: Romeo and Juliet.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the genuinely hilarious combination of an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely Shit-faced actor. What could possibly go right? With a single genuinely inebriated cast member chosen each night, no two shows are ever the same in this raucous, riotous, rampage

through Shakespeare’s greatest works: Romeo and Juliet.

This multi-award winning, interactive, cult-hit show has already
‘entertained’ over 170,000 audience members worldwide from
Edinburgh to the USA and even London’s glittering West End. We
are delighted to be introducing a new generation of Melbourne
theatregoers to Shakespeare with an ale in one hand and a wine in the other and a vodka in the other, just the way Old Willy would have wanted.

Come see what happens when a cast of talented Shakespearians take one of their troupe and ply them with 4 hours’ worth of grog, all for your delight!

WARNING: This show contains a single, genuinely inebriated cast member and may therefore contain strong language, nudity, implied acts of a sexual nature, rapidly expelled bodily fluids, dreadful singing, actual acts of a sexual nature and possibly ‘some Shakespeare’. Always remember to Enjoy Shakespeare responsibly.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® in numbers:

  • 8 Years old and still 0 deaths
  • Over 600 shows performed across the UK and the USA
  • More than 5,100 beers consumed on stage to date
  • 51 individual nipples displayed on stage (62% of them male)
  • Number of prosthetic limbs used during sword fights: 1
  • All cast livers still original*

*information correct at time of print

Shit-faced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
Venue: The Coopers Malthouse (Merlyn Theatre), 113 Sturt St, Southbank VIC 3006
Dates: 29 March 2018 – 1 April 2018 (Preview 29 March)
Times: 9:00pm (8pm Sunday, 60mins duration)
Tickets: Preview $32.90 / Adult $39.90 / Conc. & Groups 6+ $34.90
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