Listen: ‘Kids’ by Hey Baby!

Hey Baby! began eight years ago when 16-year-old Kacper Majchrowski first learnt how to record his musings on a computer, using a simple drum machine and running guitars and basses through a preamp.

When Kacper made the move from Sydney to Brisbane he met drummer Jaeger Brodie while jamming at a house party, bonding over a similar music tastes. Wanting to form a band, they put a call out on the Internet for another guitarist, which was answered by local shredder Sam Wilson – who impressed the pair with her lightning fretwork. Jaeger enlisted Daniel Chlonta, the bassist of his other band ‘ The Jumpkicks ’, and the quartet launched straight into writing energetic tunes – described by the band as “dirty indie-rock”.


“We love playing fast-paced garage tunes, stuff that gets you energised and moving around a lot! We don’t take our lyrics too seriously, all our songs are about growing up while having fun, falling in love, dissatisfaction… and taking drugs,” says the band.

Hey Baby! released their debut single “1-800 WEED” and embarked on their first interstate tour in mid-2017, impressing crowds from Brisbane to Melbourne with their refreshing take on fast-paced garage rock thanks to their pop sensibilities and chaotic live shows.

Lyrically, the debut single is nonchalant commentary on the legality of marijuana in most countries and a tongue-in-cheek ode to their recreational drug of choice. The music video perfectly captures Kacper’s ode to the band’s favourite herb, as the quartet, after realising they’re short on their beloved green, call their local (bicycle) dealer using the Uber-esque hotline 1-800-WEED. However, the potency of this kush sees them teleport from their comfy living room to in front of a rowdy crowd who want nothing more than to hear the song bashed out loud ‘n hard in all its glory.

Recorded and mixed at Empire Studios by Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents) and mastered by Andrew Edgson from Sydney’s 301 Studios, Hey Baby’s latest single “Kids” sees them yet again deliver a catchy, guitar driven anthem about what it means to be young and growing up in the ‘burbs.

Kacper says “Kids” is a nostalgic throwback to the decadence of his youth; drinking in the park, not needing to stress over full-time job, and relishing in the strongest and best relationships he has ever experienced.

“Everything was new and everything was exciting, our lives were kind of chaotic, and we didn’t know what we were doing or what we wanted to do. But, that situation kept us on our toes and had its own strange yet exhilarating buzz.

“I think our new single highlights the fact that conventional education doesn’t really work for everyone, or correctly evaluates everyone’s intelligence. Some of my best friends didn’t continue with school, but at the same time they had such a clear grasp of the world and what’s going on. We read and studied things that interested us, we played music or created art through other mediums, and we expanded our minds in a lot of other non-conventional ways. We weren’t dumb, we were just a bunch of kids having fun!”

Over the next few months Hey Baby! will take “Kids” along Australia’s east coast, before dropping a couple more singles ahead of releasing their debut EP in late 2018.

Hey Baby! “Kids” Tour Dates


Rad Bar, Wollongong


Valve Bar, Sydney


Record Crate, Sydney


Old Bar, Melbourne


The Bearded Lady, Brisbane


Mos Desert Clubhouse, Gold Coast