Listen: ‘Like Everybody Else’ by Sometime Sonny

Combining raw, honest lyricism with stunning alt-rock arrangements and soundscapes, multi-instrumentalist Sometime Sonny, moniker of Dave Campbell, is back tugging on heartstrings with his new melancholic anthem “Like Everybody Else”.

The single is a fizzing dreamscape driven along by a generous coating of overdriven guitars, cascading melodies, and charming backing vocals.

Filmed with a borrowed VCR camera, the single’s music video follows a dozen young men – including Sometime Sonny – as they go through their morning routine ahead of another day at work.

In a turn of events that all office workers only dream of, the fed-up men take a baseball bat to an old cupboard left behind by the previous renters of their share house before ceremoniously burning their work documents in the backyard in a fiery release from boredom and monotony.