U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri Dec 29 – Sun Dec 31, 2017

… and here we are film fans, at the final weekend of the year for the U.S. box office and, as expected, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (4,232 screens) dominates the ladder with a $72.3m third weekend. Boasting a $17,084 screen average, the film is now the highest grossing release of 2017, smashing past Beauty and the Beast‘s $504m domestic gross, and the fastest one to cross $530m (which it did in 17 days) since Star Wars: The Force Awakens did it in 10 days two years ago. After 3 weekends of trade TFA had grossed $742m domestically, The Last Jedi sits at $537m, 27.6% off the pace but there’s still the rest of the winter holidays to go and the sequel is on track to a $700m+ return. Internationally, the film has crossed $1.1bn!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (3,765 screens) is the real star performer for the final weekend as it smashes a $66.1m 4 day weekend (only $6.2m behind TLJ) in weekend 2 to bring the haul to a hefty $185.4m. That’s a very healthy $17,556 screen average – yes, it’s stronger than Star Wars – and signals a very robust theatrical life left in theatres. It’s absolutely shattered the original film’s $100m domestic gross by 85.4% and, given it’s up against Star Wars, the film is poised to hit $300m+ domestically. What a boon for Sony and let’s await the sequel announcement which will be imminent.

Pitch Perfect 3 (3,486 screens) takes another $23.4m, capitalising on its counter programmed positioning, to bring the gross to $69.9m domestically. Sitting on a $6,713 screen average, the film has now outgrossed the original’s $65m haul and is poised to hit around the $130m. Better than originally expected after its lacklustre opening weekend but it won’t hit the high note of Pitch Perfect 2‘s $184m take.

The Greatest Showman (3,316 screens) rallies in weekend 2, benefiting from the holidays and posting a $20.4m 4 day weekend. Sporting a $6,152 screen average and bringing the domestic take to $54m, the damage control from its very soft opening weekend is a little bit softened from this news as it is poised for a $90m finish on an $84m budget. It’ll still be in the red with home entertainment needing to be its saving grace domestically, but it won’t be the mega write down it was poised to be from last weekend.

Ferdinand (3,337 screens) drops anther $15.9m into the kitty to bring the haul to $58m domestically. Moving ahead of Coco on the ladder, the film arguably plays a lot younger than Pixar’s offering, in a field that’s unusually devoid of several big, broad four quadrant sassy animated products. This should play to a $90m result given a lack of anything else in the foreseeable future.

Coco (2,104 screens) tapers off with a $9.9m sixth weekend to bring to domestic haul to $182.3m. On a $4,705 screen average, the flick is on the way out and should nudge $195m-$200m for a final tally. That’ll put it in the same vicinity as Pixar’s original Toy Story ($191.8m) and Cars 2 ($191.4m). Internationally, it’s crossed $510m.

Darkest Hour (943 screens) adds 137 more screens (ballsy) and nabs another $7.3m for the weekend on a respectable $7,741 screen average. With $19.9m in the kitty and the awards season set to propel awareness for Gary Oldman, this is shaping up to be a solid $30-$40m earner for Focus Features.

All The Money In The World (2,074 screens) couldn’t save it with a $6.8m 4 day opening weekend on a disastrous $3,279 screen average. The Kevin Spacey overhang, the reshoots to make the release date and the early press access and even a 77% fresh critical score all amounted to nothing for the expanded release week. This would have a revised suggested budget in the $80-$90m range now and marks the next expensive disappoint Ridley Scott has been attached to in 2017 (Alien Covenant, Blade Runner 2049). He makes expensive films that just don’t return on their investments anymore. $25m

Downsizing (2,664 screens) posts $6m for the 4 day weekend on a deathly $2,224 screen average. The film is a dud and with $18.4m in the kitty so far, it’ll finish on $25m top end on a $68m budget. This is going to hurt, people. What a year Paramount has had ūüôĀ

The Shape of Water (756 screens) posts a $5m weekend on a modest $6,614 screen average. There’s a lot of fantasy films in the market place and this, being a bit more discerning (it’s a love story), plays niche. Still, it’s got $17.1m in the kitty and the awards season fawning all over it so that should help out, one can only hope that Fox Searchlight doesn’t go hell for leather in expansion plans as that screen average isn’t strong enough to support a saturation level platform.

Wonder (1,193 screens) crosses $123m domestically.

Father Figures (2,902 screens) deflated performance continues after its debacle of an opening for a $4.5m second weekend on a $1,551 screen average. O-V-A-H. With $13.5m in the can, this will tap out sub $20m.

Molly’s Game (271 screens) opens to a $3m weekend on a very healthy $11,070 screen average for the Aaron Sorkin directorial debut. Critics liked the film a whole lot posting it with an 80% fresh score and, should STX be wise and not expand too hard and fast, the film will have long legs in the winter holiday frame.

The Post (9 screens) continues its dominating ways of the limited release calendar smashing a $775k weekend on an $86,111 screen average. With an expansion imminent, this $50m production is awards glory bound and should smash its way to a $100m+ finish.

Phantom Thread (4 screens) opens to $290,000 on a whopping $72,500 screen average. Paul Thomas Anderson’s film is a critical darling, too, with a 90% fresh score attached to it. Gunning for Best Actor, Director, Writer, Film noms, Phantom Thread will be a major contender in the awards season whilst its fiscal prospects are more modest in the $10-$15m range.

In Cinemas 5 January, 2018 – Insidious 4: The Last Key

Figures from Deadline.

  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (DIS), 4,232 theaters (0)/ $19.1M (-23%) Fri/ 3-day: $55M  (-23%)/4-day: $72.3M Total:$537M/ Wk 3
  2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,765 theaters (0) / $17.8M Fri (+42%)/3-day: $51.4M (+41%)/4-day: $66.1M/Total:$185.4M/ Wk 2
  3. Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,468 theaters (+21)/ $6.6M (-38%) Fri/3-day: $18.2M (-9%)/4-day: $23.4M/Total: $69.9M/ Wk 2
  4. The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,316 theaters (+310) / $5.3M (+71%) Fri /3-day: $15.4M (+75%)/4-day $20.4M/Total: $54M/Wk 2
  5. Ferdinand  (FOX), 3,337 theaters (-293) / $4.5M (+63%)Fri /3-day: $12.1M (+66%)/4-day: $15.9M/Total: $58M/ Wk 3
  6. Coco(DIS), 2,104 theaters (-7) / $2.8M (+53) Fri/3-day: $7.6M (+41%)/4-day: $9.9M/Total: $182.3M / Wk 6
  7. Darkest Hour (FOC), 943 theaters (+137)/ $1.8M Fri (+29%)/3-day: $5.5M (+41%)/ 4-day: $7.3M/ Total: $19.9M/ Wk 6
  8. All The Money in the World (Sony) 2,074 theaters (+6)/ $1.76M Fri/3-day: $5.1M/4-day: $6.8M/Total: $14M/Wk 1
  9. Downsizing  (PAR), 2,664 theaters (-4)/ $1.6M Fri (-20%) /3-day: $4.57M (-8%)/ 4-day: $6M/Total: $18.4M/ Wk 2
  10. The Shape of Water  (FSL), 756 theaters (+26)  / $1.1m Fri (0%) /3-day: $3.6M (+18%)/4-day: $5M/Total: $17.1M/Wk 5
  11. Wonder (LG), 1,193 theaters (+63) / $1.2M Fri (+52%) /3-day: $3.47M (+74%)/4-day: $4.6M /Total: $122.9M/ Wk 7
  12. Father Figures (ALC/WB), 2,902 theaters (0)/ $1.1M Fri (-20%) /3-day: $3.4M (+4%)/ 4-day: $4.5M/ Total: $13.5M/ Wk 2
  13. Molly’s Game (STX) 271 theaters/$738K Fri/3-day: $2.2m/4-day: $3M/Total: $5.9M/ Wk 1


The Post  (FOX/DW), 9 theaters (0) / $171K (+8%) Fri /3-day: $544K (+4%)/PTA: $60,4K/4-day $775K/Total: $1.97M/Wk 2

Phantom Thread  (FOC), 4 theaters (0) / $71K  Fri /3-day: $210K /PTA: $52,6K/4-day $290K/Total: $601K/Wk 1

Hostiles  (ES), 5 theaters (+2) / $10,6K  Fri  (+57%)/3-day: $32K  (+11%)/PTA: $6,4K/4-day $43K/Total: $95K/Wk 2