Listen: ‘Sunrise’ by Matt Westerman

One of our favourite finds of 2017 has been Southern Cali lad Matt Westerman and he delivers again here with his new track Sunrise.

Southern California based singer/songwriter Matt Westerman has just released a stunning performance video for the song “Sunrise.” The video features Matt performing at dawn in the Southern California mountains accompanied by cellist Danica Pinner.

Matt had this to say about the song:

“Sunrise is about getting in touch with your spirit. It is about cutting out all the excess noise and getting in touch with who you really are underneath it all.”

“Sunrise” is featured on Westerman’s debut EP “Life Out Loud,” which has received praise from critics. Huffington Post called the EP a “compassionate debut collection of six uplifting and hopeful tracks that fans of the tried and true acoustic guitar wielding songwriter will be easily drawn to.” Substream Magazine called the EP “nothing short of triumphant,” while Atwood Magazine said that Westerman crafted “a finely felt out piece of musical poetry that comes from the heart and speaks to the heart.” The Low Down Under remarked the EP is, “Accessible, warm and bursting with optimism.”

To celebrate the release of the record, Matt performed at the legendary Mint in Los Angeles on Friday (November 10th) with a full band to a packed crowd.

Featuring bright stand-out tracks like “One Fine Day,” “She’s More,”  and “Don’t Give Up On You,” “Life Out Loud” is sure to win over admirers of the singer/songwriter genre and fans of modern contemporaries like Passenger, Jack Johnson, and Brett Dennen. By fusing his main influences that range from Neil Young to Dave Matthews to Coldplay, Westerman has crafted an original collection of songs that expertly fuse the pop sounds of the past and present.

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SHORT BIO: Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Matt Westerman writes upbeat acoustic pop songs with a positive, compassionate message meant to uplift and inspire listeners everywhere. His debut record, “Life Out Loud,” (OUT NOW) is a musical manifestation of the phrase “carpe diem,” that shines with all the inherent bravery needed to live life to the fullest. The EP showcases Matt’s ability to write powerful melodies, catchy hooks, and thoughtful lyrics. This, combined with his distinctively smooth vocal delivery and stand out rhythm guitar playing, makes “Life Out Loud” the perfect introduction to the world of Matt Westerman.

The EP is inspired by Matt’s unique background in music, education, and psychology. He’s spent the last few years working as a self-employed tutor which informed and impacted his songwriting. In addition, Matt’s degree in psychology has had an impact on his songwriting and lyrical subject matter with a focus on encouraging a clear and positive state of mind. Matt also applies this courageous message to himself, which has given him the strength to overcome his own challenges and set his sights on a career in music. In the last few years Westerman has been carving out his dreams on stage, with gigs all over the Southern California area – from clubs, to bars, to busking on the Santa Monica pier.

With “Life Out Loud” out now, Matt Westerman is taking the chance of a lifetime, a chance that he hopes will inspire others to take a leap, reach for a dream, and actualize their own potential.