Listen: ‘Lie To Me’ by Noita

Man, Canada has been churning out the goods again this year and next hit machine in waiting is 21 year old R&B songstress Noita. She’s just dropped her new track Lie To Me. Get on it, people!

Toronto based experimental R&B artist Noita possesses sensual yet delicate vocals that when usually mixed with a vocoder and constructed against exquisite low-end heavy production produces a unique style and sound – one that’s definitely difficult to seek out in an expansive music scene, though when found guarantees valuable results.

The 21 year old released her debut Pink Noise EP earlier this year – well received critically and recognised by Earmilk and Purple Sneakers – and building upon her success she releases the new single Lie to Me, a stellar four minute wonder of pop perfection.

The track is an ominous onslaught of tribal-like drums and bassy production that provide a solid musical backdrop to Noita’s heavily modulated vocal delivery. Her melodies smoothly weave against the hard-hitting percussion, producing a juxtaposing effect and an enthralling listen. She states the track is about a woman’s intuition, that awful gut feeling of knowing something is happening behind your back. Lie to Me was born from a place of vulnerability that comes from knowingly letting somebody you love hurt you in fear of loss- the infuriating feeling of weakness, anger, helplessness and heartbreak all coming out at one instance of true realization.”

Lie to Me is out now via Northaura, and available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms