Listen: ‘When The Knife Calls’ by Sinister Bodies of Water

Heading to Saint Catharines, Ontario for WTCH’s frontman Jag’s solo project – Sinister Bodies of Water and the title track from the new album When The Knife Calls.Oozing with atmosphere, a haunting undercurrent and one of the most striking videos, step into the darkness here…

At the time when I wrote “When The Knife Calls” I was in a really dark place, secluding myself from the past and making new decisions in hopes of redemption. I struggled with maintaining clarity while in a very fragile state.  I became clean from  all substances and exposed myself to a natural way of being to find my true voice in order to fuel the longing I had to express what was overflowing inside. I took a different writing/recording approach, armed with only an old 4-track and a half working laptop.

I was alone and in tears most of my days, out of work and broke, barely getting by on the kindness and generosity of others. “When the knife calls, you’ll be covered in tears, your hands are stripped of, thrusting in fear.” Let me be frank here, I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to kill myself for the situation I put myself in, the circumstances around my situation and for the pain I caused a lot of people. At times it was unbearable. I set a high standard for myself and I failed. The nightmares that repeatedly infiltrated my brain so vividly basically wrote itself in this release over the course of the spring/summer of 2017. I felt alone and I was begging for forgiveness to take place at it’s own pace.

This is a song about fear, fear of oneself, fear of thoughts, fear of loss, fear of the knife and fear of everything.