Listen: ‘False Information’ by Future Fathers

Off to Nashville, Tennessee for Trent Dabbs and Cason Cooley – aka Future Fathers – and their new synth confection False Information.

Nashville dream pop duo FUTURE FATHERS – comprised of accomplished songwriters/producers Trent Dabbs & Cason Cooley – today released their debut single & video “False Information.” The track premiered exclusively at Earmilk, who calls it “a practically viscous haze.”
On “False Information,” a steady groove pulsates in line with a dancing guitar melody, evoking the dreamy haze of chemical dependency. On the choruses, a sonic mushroom cloud blooms over vocalist Dabbs’ soulful falsetto. For members Dabbs and producer Cooley, that process of building on a foundation of both sounds and skills is integral to their output as a band. “The song is a narrative about how we as a culture tend to search for many things to distract our pain.” thanks man!,” Dabbs tells Earmilk. “The song never really comes up with answers. Cason and I are big fans of songs that stand firm and question.”
Both veterans in the Nashville music scene, with a number of Top 40 hits and worldwide tours to their names, the pair were used to co-writing, producing and collaborating with other artists — and with each other. After running in the same circles but hardly working one-on-one, Cooley and Dabbs made a conscious effort to set aside a few weeks at a time to develop music on their own. As a twosome with similar musical interests, the duo took inspiration from other singer-producer teams like CeeLo Green and Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley and Damon Albarn in Gorillaz.
“When we were discussing how intentional we wanted everything to be a quote that popped into my head was ‘If the vibe outweighs your content you’re destined for novelty,’” Dabbs says. “I know that Cason and I wanted to sing about spiritual things like ‘False Information’ being a narrative about medication but we wanted to have content that mattered to us.”
The duo expects to release more new music before the end of the year, and into early 2018. For more information on Future Fathers, be sure to follow them on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.