Listen: ‘Figure It Out’ by Betty & Oswald

Heading to Sydney for dreamy quartet Betty & Oswald and their track Figure It Out.

Sydney quartet Betty & Oswald have created a bittersweet dream in new single ‘Figure It Out’, out today. The band will be touring Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane this November to support the release. ‘Figure It Out’ was recorded with Burke Reid (The Drones, Courtney Barnett) at The Grove Studios. Set
against the backdrop of Mangrove Mountain, the band spent three days exploring new sonic textures whilst recording their EP, a set of songs permeated with the feeling of the twilight descending over the bush.

“’Figure it Out’ traces the contours of a relationship in which one person watches the seemingly irreconcilable demise of the other,” says the band. “There is a sense of anxiety when faced with the ephemeral nature of things – that the romance of youth, with all its delights and captivations, ultimately

Betty & Oswald began when Claudia Schmidt and Pete Sotiropoulos were living in a small apartment by the ocean in the south of Sydney. Sleeping on a mattress they found on the side of the road, and spending their days writing music, the idea for Betty & Oswald began to slowly form. Fast forward a couple of years and the band has changed vastly from its seaside beginnings, the addition of bass and drums with Sammy Sudhakar and Harry Cramer heralding a new era for the band. Yet there is still something from that formative time that remains. There is a romanticism that lingers, an idealisation of
youth and art, and also a pervading bittersweetness–a sense that everything, including that dream-like time spent living by the ocean, will fade eventually.

Working with producer Burke Reid (The Strokes, Courtney Barnett) the band spent the first half of 2017 working on their next EP, entitled ‘To Be Hungry.’ Taken from a line in the title track ‘To be hungry / Is to be young,’ it is a reflection which encapsulates the mood of the EP–one which traces experiences of living on the peripherals of ordinary life, the undulations of relationships and a desire to encapsulate something profound.

The sound traverses a dream-like landscape with a distinct spaciousness and malleability. A mixture of dream pop and psych-rock, the whole thing is weaved together by the unmistakable interplay between the two lead vocals, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac.