Listen: ‘Undersea’ by The Church

Well here’s a band that needs no introduction. The music institution that is The Church return with their new song Undersea and accompanying stunning video. Check it out!

Premiering via US Yahoo! Musicthe church have released a Wes Anderson inspired video for ‘Undersea’, the second single from their 26th album Man Woman Life Death Infinity, out now.

Singer, lyricist and bassist Kilbey explains this 26th album from the ARIA Hall of Famers is what he terms the band’s “water record” — “I guess water is my element,” he notes. “I’ve always marveled at the sea and rivers and rain. It wasn’t conscious at all but on reflection, it definitely is a preoccupation on this record.”

“Sitar, sake, smoke and mirrors,” is the band’s description of the video. Ushering the song in from the ether, filmmaker Eden Mulholland carefully edited self-shot footage that the band each collected near water. The result? A honey drenched, ‘Wes Anderson-ish,’ bees-eye view of humans foraging through inner space.

The band take ‘Undersea’ and their second album with the rejuvenated line-up – Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles and Ian Haug – on tour this November/December. “This is an album we’re really looking forward to exploring live,” Steve says. “The way I write lyrics is very stream-of-consciousness. I never question them until we perform live, so I discover them in time as much as the audience.” Woven with classics spanning almost 50 years of underground glory, the set will feature the Australian debut of selections from Man Woman Life Death Infinity, including the shape-shifting dreamscape of the first, exhilarating cut, ‘Another Century’

The Church will be joined onstage by special guest, former Remy Zero (UK) guitarist Jeffrey Cain on keys, additional guitars and vocals. Tickets for the church’s Man Woman Life Death Infinity Tour are on sale now.

Man Woman Life Death Infinity vinyl is available here.