Review: Broken Machine (2017) – Nothing But Thieves

A scintillating piece of gold plated rock n’ roll abounds in U.K. quintet Nothing But Thieves’ new album Broken Machine. As rock albums go, this one makes you sit bolt upright and pay attention.

The boys from Southend followed up their glorious E.P. Graveyard Whistling with a record that should see them burst into the mainstream without too much fuss. Broken Machine is the sort of album that The Killers could only dream of making. It’s an arena friendly, big band rock n’ roll outing full of addictive hooks, jamming choruses and an energetic insistence that matches big stage mainstays.

From cracking funk opener I Was Just A Kid to glowing cuts such as radio-friendly-hit-in-waiting Sorry, Broken Machine, Amsterdam, Soda, I’m Not Made By Design, Particles, Get Better, Afterlife, and Reset Me, this is a robust 15 track odyssey that hails the return of great rock out of the United Kingdom.

Vocalist Conor Mason comes across as young Brandon Flowers with twice the energy, Joe Langridge-Brown & Dom Craik handle the guitars and really drive these strong rock n roll riffs to their full potential (check out Sorry below to see a prime example), Philip Blake works the bass, and James Price thumps the skins. As a five piece, they are one tight damn unit.

I’ve not heard a more impressive rock album in many a year and Broken Machine should rightly reward Nothing But Thieves an exponential growth in fans. The album is magnetic, energetic and a pristine example of modern rock n’ roll – all killer, no filler. Get involved, it’s a it machine and one of the year’s finest albums!