Men In Black Redux Coming 2019

Sony is a franchise machine that never lets ’em die. Albeit, the Men In Black franchise has been a great earner for the studio with the global receipts speaking for themselves:

MEN IN BLACK – 1997 – $589m

MEN IN BLACK II – 2002 – $441m

MEN IN BLACK III – 2012 – $624m

Total – $1.654bn

For the now 20 year old property, Sony are planning a spin-off/redux/reboot type thing with a new film that won’t feature Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones as the leads. It will exist in the same world but showcase an entirely new range of characters. Art Marcum & Matt Holloway (Iron Man, Transformers: The Latest Cinematic Disaster) have been tapped to write the new film with a release date slated for May, 2019.